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Thread: What's Bugging You Today? Volume 3, Part 1

  1. Isn't 90k pretty high mileage for a 3-year-old car?

  2. shhhh.

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    It is. Kind of insane really. Apparently it is common with my coworkers though because they all drive 2 hours everyday....

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    This show my dad is watching on amazon hasn't been deinterlaced. It is killing me.

  5. I have been sick for SEVEN DAYS and while Iím not running a fever anymore I still feel like garbage. wtf
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  6. Stay hydrated! That'll make you feel real weird if you're not.

  7. This huge sign was hanging outside of a supermarket I went into today. Why show all that crap in his mouth? Gross.
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  8. flabulation

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