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Thread: What's Bugging You Today? Volume 3, Part 1

  1. Isn't 90k pretty high mileage for a 3-year-old car?

  2. shhhh.

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    It is. Kind of insane really. Apparently it is common with my coworkers though because they all drive 2 hours everyday....

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    This show my dad is watching on amazon hasn't been deinterlaced. It is killing me.

  5. I have been sick for SEVEN DAYS and while Iím not running a fever anymore I still feel like garbage. wtf
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  6. Stay hydrated! That'll make you feel real weird if you're not.

  7. This huge sign was hanging outside of a supermarket I went into today. Why show all that crap in his mouth? Gross.
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  9. Where do I begin?

    In 2004, we'd bought a 1900+ square feet house in Wylie, Texas. 2016 rolls around and one of the most brutal hail storms in the state's history totals one of our cars, damages my company truck and just pounds our home into submission. State Farm is more than generous and gives us a $7,000 check for a 2008 Chrysler Seabring. The insurance company for my home though, tries to give us a measly $9,000 to cover the damages to the roof, exterior and our fence that got blown apart by the massive winds that brought tornados to the area. So, we managed to get some contractor, that was suggested by a co-worker of my wife. This guy says he'll go to bat for us, and he does manage to get more money from the insurance company, but they are really sloppy about how they do business. He tells us that the AC radiator fins are damaged from the hail storm and he'll get an estimate from an AC guy on wether to comb out the fins, or just entirely replace the whole AC unit. Somehow they come to the conclusion that it needs to be replaced, and because it is a heat pump, they replace the interior blower unit as well. Everything seems okay, but the stupid contractor start demanding payment, without even giving me an invoice. The invoice is a clutter mess, without any breakdown of costs for materials, waste disposal or labor cost. I was not impressed.

    So, along comes the summer of 2017 and our AC unit is struggling to keep the temps under 80 degress. The summer has a bunch of days in the 100 degrees range and we have to call our appliance insurance company to get an AC repair man to check it out. He gets it working for a week, but the piece of shit starts struggling again. They call out another repair man and he talks about the AC unit not being big enough for the house, even though the exterior unit looks as big as the old one. He changes some things and it seems to be doing okay the rest of the summer. 2018 rolls around, and again, we are calling for AC service. 2019 is okay, because the summer was pretty tame, rarely hitting 100 degrees and we got through it. So, last week the temps were hitting the high 90's with an occasional visit from 100 degree heat. The temps inside the house would start to creep up the mid 70s, but by around 7 PM it would get back down to 72 and eventually to 70 by the morning. This Friday rolls around and the temps inside the house are near 76 and comes back down once the sun goes down. On Saturday, the house is already at 75 degrees by noon, so I buy a $278 portable AC unit from Walmart, that is rated at 7,000 BTU (250 sq feet of cooling) and it seemed to hold the temps, but they still crawled up to 80 degrees by 6 pm. When we woke up this morning, the combination of the AC unit and the portable only managed to get it down to 71. I start looking into the rating of the AC unit, and find out that it is only a 3 ton unit. I then decided on checking out ton ratings and found a site that showed regions, related to ton rating and square footage. We were the highest rated zone at 5, which required a 3.5 ton AC unit for my square footage. The morons put in a 3 ton unit, which is rated for between 1,600 and 1,800 square feet. I should have told them to not worry about the AC unit, because the one we had before it had been rock solid. This piece of shit isn't good enough and we're constantly having to have it serviced. We got screwed by that contractor's rep, that was only in it for the commission.

    I'm typing this at 10:40, and my house is still 75 degrees inside.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    Isn't 90k pretty high mileage for a 3-year-old car?
    This is like asking if willie nelson gets "a little high".

    12-14 is normal to mid. 30 a year is insane.

    My 2008 car has 52,000 miles.
    97 truck is like 170,000

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