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Thread: Katsucon '08

  1. Katsucon '08

    So it's a little late to make this thread as it's this weekend, but it turns out I'm going with Chao's college anime club and I wanted to know if anyone here was gonna show. PM me your cell #, I'll be staying in the con hotel friday-monday. We'll play SSBB into the wee hours of the morning in the game room no doubt.

  2. I'll be at Katsu, doing what I don't know. I'll be there Thursday-Sunday.

  3. Know I dont post much but I'll be there staying at the con hotel with the GF and some friends . PM me if your interested in meeting up.

  4. I'm going too-oooo
    Say you like it/Say you need it/When you don't
    Looking better/Shining brighter/Than you do

  5. Anyone else have strange spot checks or some such done by the hotel staff at the con?

  6. This con was horrible this year.

    Also, no, I never had that problem. Then again, I had TONS OF OTHER PROBLEMS, so I was barely at the con at all.

  7. I think this year I did the most at the con. Normally we spend time in our room playing charades and crap, this time we really didn't. They need to find a bigger place though.

  8. Next year it's supposed to be in Richmond, VA.

    Next year, I'm not going.


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