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Thread: Nintendo DS Thread

  1. Quote Originally Posted by neoalphazero View Post
    Miami Nights: Singles in the City: Hate to say it I enjoyed Sprung for it's goofy 80's movie plot, this game by Ubisoft sounds like a sequel....until I saw some screens.
    This is a sequel to Gameloft's series of cell phone games.

  2. Didn't even know the 360 version was out, probably stick with the PSP version when I pick one up. *-neo

  3. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    Exit's merely decent on PSP and 360. I doubt the DS version will be much dfferent.
    Now you can move slow on two screens.

  4. Soma Bringer- The union of Nintendo and Monolith Soft gives us a action-RPG with some decent 3D visuals, not much for the actual character designs but hopefully this gets a US release:

    Spore: Creatures- Wright's game gets stripped for the portable release, yet it's being handled with care instead of a cast-off port. Looks interesting so far

    Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness- Despite medicore reviews I'm still planning to check out Front Mission, only been waiting since the SNES days. 2089 appears to be a sequel in the same style, no word on a US release.

    Ys 1 and 2 Eternal: While a DS port of this classic series isn't a bad idea, the decision to go with parred down 3D instead of 2D is a major negative:

    Simple DS Series Vol 34: The Dentist: This looks brillant but with any Simple game it's a wait and see:
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  5. Ys I & II looks awesome. I don't mind the 3D and love the addition of an attack button.
    No gnus is good gnus.

  6. Is Ys officially the most remade game ever yet?

  7. It has to be, but Final Fantasy 1 is on pace to catch up to it.

  8. I'm sure Ys has lapped it 3 times. FF1 has only had 2 or 3 remakes. Ys has... what? 9?

  9. I'm guessing.....Ys>Dragon Quest> Final Fantasy

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    Tetris has to be up there somewhere.

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