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Thread: Whats the deal with all the crap anime?

  1. Whats the deal with all the crap anime?

    For starters here is a small list of what I like, and call good anime in my opinion.

    Haibane Renmei
    Vampire Hunter D Blood Lust
    Voices of a Distant Star.
    UN Squadron ( The original OVA's)
    Cowboy Bebop
    Gundam 0083 Stardust memory
    Zeta Gundam
    Chars Counter Attack
    Grave of the Fireflies
    Perfect blue
    Nausic Valley of the Wind
    Golgo 13
    Robotech Macross Saga

    I want to watch OVA's / Anime Series with as much as depth in story, and detail in animation. None of this One peice crap!
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    I tried this "Anime is Overrated" thing a few years back. Didn't work. Good luck.
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    None of this One peice crap!
    This thread sucks.

  4. One Piece is the only thing carrying shonen jump and its ilk at all these days. Naruto and Bleach are boring by comparison, and it's the only one that hasn't become super redundant. Not to mention Oda's the man and his art style is refreshing.

    With that out of the way, I'm inclined to agree about a shortage of quality shows or OVA's. Movies are starting to make a comeback though, because of their brevity the animation quality is usually top notch. Add this to the fact that they're seeing releases on high def formats makes for a quick, easily digested movie that looks amazing.

  5. Just ignore shonen fighting shows and there's plenty of good anime to watch. My two favorite OVAs are Gunbuster and Macross Plus if you haven't seen those yet. First episode of Gunbuster is kinda goofy, but its VERY worth it to stick with.

    OVAs just aren't being made very much anymore.

  6. There's good anime?
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  7. This is easy: if you liked Bebop watch Samurai Champloo.

  8. Zero it just sounds like you don't like 100+ ep series.

    Go watch Fushigi Yuugi lol

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    Zero it just sounds like you don't like 100+ ep series.

    Go watch Fushigi Yuugi lol
    I love Zeta Gundam which is around 40 or something episodes. But the story, and animation was great in that series. It was more adult oriented story telling I guess, and I want more of that seriousness in anime.

    Fushigi Yuugi sucks lol, my cousin likes that show, but she doesn't have the best taste imo anyway.
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  10. People like Spriggan?


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