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Thread: GMod 10

  1. GMod 10

    Well, since GMod 10 came out you can import a ton of pre-installed Steam resources from games(re: Portals, TF2, etc) without the need to download tons of independently released models. But, there are still a literal fuck-ton of custom ports and things that make this program awesome as hell.

    I'd like to use this thread to have forum goers who are currently using GMod in some extent to share their findings, screenshots, action poses, and tips/tricks with the rest of the TNL community.

    Pyramid Head
    Stalker's Bloodsucker
    Crysis Nanosuit
    Star Wars Ragdolls
    Mario Sunshine Ragdolls
    Bioshock's very own Big Daddy
    DOA models(mainly 3 Kasumi, 3 Ayane, one Hayabusa)
    Sonic Characters
    Elexis Sinclair 'Cybernetic' Reskin
    Master Chief port
    Agent Smith
    HL2's beta monster, the "Hyrda"
    A kitty cat that's really well done
    RE4's Chainsaw Ganados, Dr Salvador
    RE4's Hunk and his TMP
    RE4's Leon S Kennedy
    RE4's Leon S Kennedy(RCPD Variant)
    RE4's Luis Sera
    RE4's Garrador
    RE4's El Gigante
    RE4's Los Ganados Villager
    Zelda: TP model ports
    Invader Zim stuff
    Even more Invader Zim stuff
    Dragon Ball Z model ports
    Link from Twilight Princess
    KOTOR's Darth Nihilus
    Hooded SAS member, highly recommended
    VTM's Werewolf Lycan Boss
    Samus Aran
    High Resolution Alyx Vance reskin
    Duke Nukem ultra pack
    Rikku FFX (?) port
    Bahamut FFX(?)port
    Yuna(FFX-2) port
    Dulma, a Korin mod
    Overwatch, a Korin mod
    Korin Bikini pack
    Mr. X from "The Ship"

    Now, as far as models go there are a TON of high quality game ports other than what's listed, but the majority of them are hidden away on a "members only forum" that I'm apart of, and in turn, I can't release anything. I can tell you that they have SH3, Bloodrayne, RE4, Rumble Roses, Final Fantasy, Lineage 2, FF12, Bloody Roar, Kingdom Hearts, Kane and Lynch, Gears of War, and all other kinds of crazy high quality model ports. So if you're even remotely interested, I can link you to the forum, but you'll have to sign up and contribute by posting and chatting with them until you get enough posts to start downloading their releases on your own(usually around 20 or 30 posts is required to gain access).

    SMB Mushrooms
    Shoop da Whoooop
    Roger Corman style Tentacle Monsters
    Massive Vehicle Collection
    Dinosaur/Giant Animal collection has a ton more random items for you to pick through, as does If you find anything of note, link to it and I'll attempt to edit this post.

    Complete recreation of Silent Hill
    Yacht Stage
    FarCry-esque Tropical Island
    WTC Towers
    Suburban style neighborhood
    South Park
    Princess Peach's Castle(from Mario 64)
    City scene at night, really REALLY nice looking
    Strongbadia from
    RE4-esque village map
    Green screen map for photo editing purposes
    Wrestling Arena

    Each stage I've linked to I currently have on my own version of GMod. They all serve a purpose in one way or another for setting up poses or wallpaper images. If you find anything else you think is badass, let us know and I'll edit this post.

    Given that GMod allows you to pose models, you can come up with some awesomely badass, sexy, or even hilarious situations. Throw any random screenshot you get into photoshop and a little bit of editing can turn a ho-hum screenshot into an image everyone wants. In turn, here's some of my raw, unedited screenshots from GMod and one edited one(I juuuust started messing with editing GMod screens).

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    Explain GMod plz.
    Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    I don't even the rage I mean )#@($@IU_+FJ$(U#()IRFK)_#
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  3. Half-Life 2 mod that lets you spawn and pose anything and take pictures. At least, that's what's going on in this thread; the main purpose of it in the beginning was to just let people fuck around with Source's Havok implementation by turning sofas into cars, swinging ragdolls around, and making Rube Goldberg devices and shit. The face posing and camera stuff came a little later.

    One of the first things I did in it was spawn a couch, slap wheels on it, rig a camera to the back, and give it thrusters that were bound to different number pad keys, yee-haw~

    It's pretty much an awesome and all around easy-to-use HL2 sandbox.
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  4. No matter what I'm trying to accomplish in GMod, I can't help but make antlions fuck G-Man and fly around in the boat with a bunch of balloons.

    Awesome thread, Whitefolks. I have a lot of fun with GMod as it is but I don't have a lot of cool models and maps to play with. I'm not sure what I could add to the above linked forum, but everything you mentioned sounds pretty cool, so I may have to sign up.

  5. GMod = a small $10 purchase off of Steam that lets the user open up any map they want and do the following:

    Pose models
    Throw ragdolls around for fun
    Build objects

    Now while that may seem lame as hell, the AMOUNT of content(and in game tools) are mind blowing. The tools are intuitive and allow the user to build almost anything, from complex rube goldberg machines to walking towers that rival anything from Shadow of the Colossus. Some people use it strictly for posing models in cool action scenes, some use it for making funny comics, some develop new weapons, some do dance videos, a group even do full blown machina work and some just use it for porly rendered HL2 porn.

    This is definitely a mod that defines the term "you get what you put in". With thousands of things to import and impliment, it's up to the user to figure out what they want from this mod.
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  6. *Runs over nuns and old ladies to get to his computer and download "A kitty cat that's really well done"*

  7. I'm getting Orange Box today.

    Fuck it.

  8. Speaking of which... I still can't find anyone who's actually interested in PC HL2 and doesn't own it by now. These gifts need to be gifted.

  9. Shit son, I'd take it.

  10. But if you're buying the Orange Box then you'll also be stuck with more copies to gift!

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