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Thread: The Smurfs

  1. The Smurfs

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    This could be cool, but I'm really afraid it'll go the usual Dreamworks 'recognizable celebrity voices and constant pop culture references' route.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  2. It won't be french enough.
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  3. I hope they don't include the kids that showed up later on. A town with one female produced kids and no one asked any questions.

  4. It's because the answer is obvious.

  5. 800 pound gorilla in the village!

  6. That's going to look amazing when it's textured and lit. I can't wait.

  7. They'll all act like wiggers.

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  8. They better keep those amazing personality disorders.

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    They'll all act like wiggers.
    Yeah. Or wanksters. Dreamworks' two favorite character types.
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  10. fucking hell.

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    Whether you like it or not, the CG Smurfs movie is happening and the guys at have snagged a peek at how things are shaping up. Though the film is currently in pre-production, an insider was able to snag a shot of a rendering of one the new Smurfs, and the result is tantamount to a tabloid look at a cheerful Sasquatch.
    (You'll have to click the image below to see the CG-rendered Smurf in full at the source.)

    Suffice it to say, the Smurfs continue to be the weird-looking, small, blue dudes we know and love -- as opposed to James Cameron's weird-looking, big, blue dudes -- but their transition from 2-D to pudgy 3-D is slightly unnerving.

    Directed by Raja Gosnell (Beverly Hills Chihuahua), the Smurfs movie is set in New York City -- Central Park, to be exact, which increases my skepticism regarding this movie about sevenfold -- and will be combined with live action.
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