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Thread: Shou's Sale/Trade Thread

  1. Updated, removed acquired and sold stuff, willing to give good deals for Xmas!
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  2. Smile

    Quote Originally Posted by Shou View Post
    Gate of Thunder
    Hi there,
    would you still by any chance have Gate of Thunder for sale, if yes is the spine and registration card included and how much are you looking for for it inculding shipping to the uk?
    also by any chance do you have any other PC-Engine games for sale as as I collect for this system.

  3. Your best bet is to grab a knife and draw it across your throat as soon as possible.

    For best results use a non-serrated blade.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. I can help with this.

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    You know he might still have it available this time. For real.
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