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Thread: The Official Manga thread

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    I read all of "Dr. Hitomi's Infirmary" last night.

    It's about a monster school nurse in a world of mostly monster people. Its pretty cute and charming, as school mangos go. It isn't as graphic as Franken Fran though.

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    I read Goblin Slayer. Pretty good if you like fantasy mmos or DnD stuff. Definitely a Tolkien inspired fantasy world.

    Its about a guy that loves to kill goblins. Like, he really loves to kill them. And its pretty dark. It isn't kid friendly though.

  3. I've been reading Bastard!!! Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy.

    I've been kinda slow with reading it because I like to get physical volumes. I'm not a big fan of scanlations.

    I want to pick up the rest of Vampire Doll Guilt-na-Zan. It's about a powerful vampire who got sealed by a powerful magician. The magician's descendant then unseals the vampire and transfers him into a female doll he made. The vampire's magic is weakened, so he's forced to be the magician's maid. It's weird. I love it.

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    Finished the first GUNNM. Man, what a ride. One of the best. Though I don't think the ending was all it was cracked up to be. I guess it was always more about the journey though.

    It would be great if they would finish he anime out. It had a lot of great fights.

  5. I couldn't resist. Completely, totally, utterly worth it.

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    Finished battle Angel Last Order. In many ways I think it was weaker than the first series. There is a fightmans dbz thing in the middle, eating up from like 1/3 to 1/2 of the story.

    Kind of meh on that? I didn't really read BAA for the fightmans. They also toned down the violence and gore a lot.

    I liked the weird factor of the first more.

  9. I read the first Last Order and never touched it again. It just felt off somehow. The tone was wrong and the characterization completely different. It was a different series entirely with familiar characters drawn into it.

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    It got worse. I'm not joking. It had a dbz fight man's tournament in it.


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