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Thread: The Official Manga thread

  1. So far, you're selling me on this.
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    I thought it started out alright enough and ended well enough. But the middle seemed like outright young adult pandering.

    I was reading somewhere that the first was originally in business jump magazine, targeted at 20 to 30 year olds. But that closed in the 2011 I think. New order was released in ultra jump which had a different target market.

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    Also, speaking of the orginal manga, it's pretty cool that it had several pages straight out of tron, and then the matrix would barrow from the end of that same segment.

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    moved on to Gunnm, mars something other. It returns to its dark roots, but so far after like 20 something chapters, very little of it is about Gally. There is some franken fran level fucked up shit in there though.


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