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Thread: Anime Warpact Vol 1: Episode 1: No Fat Chick Otakus

  1. Anime Warpact Vol 1: Episode 1: No Fat Chick Otakus

    The original Warpact rules with changes:

    Dig through your stacks (or shit, downloaded stuff), marveling at the still shrink-wrapped anime you purchased at high import cost and never touched, tally up the total, and make a post on here with the shameful stack.

    Next up, pick an anime, and start hammering on it.

    Once a week, or per disk, or even series, make a post with your progress. It doesn't need to be an anime (or more) per week or whatever, just let us know, make this the Living diary of a pile of shame.

    How 'finished' is finished for a anime is up to you. Play it till you really feel you got enough out of it, then move on to the next. But don't let it rot there unplayed. If you realize you never shoulda bought it in the first place, take it back to the store and get some credit.

    When you do your weekly update, I WILL post a progress list here, so yes, you will be rewarded with the glory of your name in lights as you demolish your pile of shame

    IMPORTANT: Once your Pile of Shame list is created, DO INCREASE IT BY PURCHASING NEW GAMES. Your Anime Pile of Shame, unlike the video game pile of shame, is based on what you have now and what you buy tommorow.

    Clearing your Pile of Shame: If you watch an anime (or otherwise feel you are truly well and finished with a title) it is added to your Hall of Fame total. If you sell it, trade it, or simply give it away, you subtract it from your Pile of Shame, but do NOT add it to your Hall of Fame.

    Increasing your Pile of Shame: If you purchase or download anything new, tag it on. It counts.
    So basically like the origianl Pile of Shame except about anime, includes new purchases and also downloaded videos. This way at the end of the year you have a total of everything you watched. not just what you watched that you already owned when this thread started.

    You can make the call for yourself whether a fully downloaded series should be considered one big entry, a few based on how many disks the retail release is, or one per episode; I'd personally say to break it down by the second option.

    #. Name: Shame - Fame
    1. Opaque: 25-38
    2. Rem: 9-0
    3. Grave: 5-0
    4. Timber: 14-1
    5. kuro: 19-0
    6. Bacon McShig: 21-0
    7. Advocate: 5-2
    8. Mikhal: 32-1
    9. Compass: 29-0
    10. not Anal Kaboom: 6-0
    11. Grendel: 26-0
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  2. My shame:

    Captain Herlock Vol. 4
    Ghost in the Shell 2, Individual Eleven and Solid State Society
    Karas: Phantom Memory
    Kurau Vol. 3-5
    Le Chenalier D'Eon Vol. 6
    Red Garden Vol 1.-3.

    So 12, but I knocked out 8 earlier in the week that would have been nice to add to this list.

  3. Gasaraki-the whole thing
    New getter robo-11 episodes
    LOGH-107 episodes (LOL on that one)
    Gundam 0079-whole thing
    Gundam 8th ms team-11 episodes
    Now and then here and there-whole thing
    Black Jack TV-like half of it
    Giant Robo-First two DVD's
    Crusher Joe-movie and OVA's

    I have more on my Hard drive but I'm only counting shit I might actually finish. Problem is if I have free time for anime It usually goes to Manga.

  4. So what do you want your number to be?

    One for each listing? Per episode?

  5. Each listing, so 9 I guess. I'm working on getter Robo as I type this, I should try and finish 8th ms team after it.

  6. Updated.

    Also, you really should get in on Now and Then, Here and There before most of the stuff on that list. It's just really, really fucking good.

  7. Hey, I'll do this!

    I have no idea how these things break down by discs, but if I do it by series I'll probably never feel like I'm getting anywhere. But... there are a lot of episodes here! Most of the stuff that I'll post here I've seen parts of, but haven't watched all the way through in its entirety or at all recently, so it may as well count, right?

    Code Geass 1-25
    Fate/stay night 1-24
    Kemonozume 1-13
    Sailor Moon 1-46
    Shakugan no Shana II 1-24 (it's not finished yet, but soon)

    So that's... 132, by episode. Maybe I'll just look up how many discs each series is.

  8. Just tell me what number you want, but yeah it might be cleaner to divide it by disk or series.

  9. Yeah, I tried to find disc info but I decided I don't care. I'll do it by series, so 5 is good!

  10. Sounds good to me.


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