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Thread: 360 & HDTV Question

  1. 360 & HDTV Question

    Here's a noob question. This morning I was tinkering with my 360 and decided to try change my video display. I had it set to 720p because my TVs documentation said it only did up to 1080i. I decided to try and set it to 1080p anyway, figuring worst case scenario it will do the same as a monitor out of range and display black for 10 seconds before reverting back to the original rez. Anyway, I set it and everything seemingly works fine, no black screen, no bullshit. So my question is, - is my TV infact 1080P compliant, or is it simply just the xbox stating that the output is 1080P and the TV itself is downscaling to 1080i? Just wondering.
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  2. I believe that if your TV cannot output that resolution, when you select it, it goes back to the resolution you were using without notification.

  3. Another silly question. Does the 360 vga cable allow for optical? I can't see into the package, and all it shows is vga/composite audio.

  4. I think there is an optical audio out, but you should be able to check an online product description to verify.


    Here's a link that verifies it from
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  5. coolness. TRU has them for $20, and I want to free up a component slot.


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