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Thread: TNL Comic / Manga Club II: The Pull List

  1. TNL Comic / Manga Club II: The Pull List

    For those of you who need a refresher on how the system works, here are the rules as written; You sign up in this thread, once your turn comes I will send you a PM. At that point you will start a thread with "TNL Comic / Manga Club: (Title Name)" as the subject. In that thread you will have an image of the title, plus some info to try and entice other members of the club to read it. I will decide from that point how long we stay on that title before moving to the next entry. That's it. Those are the rules.

    You can pick any sort of comic or manga as your entry. If it's an on-going series, be sure to mention a recent issue number for people to start with, preferably one that is the start of a story arc. If the series is erotica or has very adult elements be sure to mention that in your entry. Naturally if the cover or image you use for it is NSFW, note that in the subject line. Let's not get anyone bitched out by their boss, ok? Something new from our last incarnation, I'm instituting 'quick picks' in this thread. So, if you come upon a new series that you're trying out and shows potential, post about it here. Do -NOT- use this as a way to skip ahead of the line. I'd prefer if the quick picks were confined to individual issues, one-shots, or mini-series that have come out recently and you feel a burning desire to recommend. So, that said, without further ado, here's the new line-up:

    ROUND 1

    1.) Brand - Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol
    2.) Thief Silver
    3.) Rem
    4.) Jester
    5.) Rated E
    6.) Some Stupid Japanese Name
    7.) JBNagis
    8.) Vasteel


    NOTE: Feel free to sign-up at any time. I'll give us a week before I send out the first PM in case we get some new members. I'll also ask Chux to unsticky the other C/M Club threads and put up this one.
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  2. lol I completely signed up for this, I have to find something non-faggy quickly (Otherwise you are all being forced to read the Fruits Basket Manga)

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    I wouldnt mind sighning up for dis.
    Now to find something interesting......

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    I'm down.
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...

  5. Woot Woot train has stoped at Woot-Woot-vill.

    Uh, should I pick something now?

  6. Nah he'll shoot you a Dirty PM letting you know when it's your turn.

  7. I'll put mine up tomorrow, sorry it's been latteee

  8. TNL Comic / Manga Club II: The Pull List

    Hello friend,
    Thank you for your information and no the skydive in london never happened because its actually in cambridge with the nlpc ukskydiving and they're quite possibly the worst company ever to trade let alone jump out of a plane with!...
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