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    So, recently my (spam) yahoo mail, MySpace, and DeviantArt accounts were hijacked by some asshole. This is after my Steam account has been hijacked on my PC. Twice.

    Also recently, Little Snitch on my Mac keeps asking to send requests to on port 80. I tried Google searching the address but it turns up no useful info. Is it possible for the two to be related?

    I also find it odd that all of these trojans, keyloggers, and what have you ended up on my PC to begin with. Funny how I only really use it for occasional torrents and Steam games. Hrm.
    I wonder if it has something to do with the random porn I keep finding.

  2. blame porn.
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    No one uses sigs.

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    blame porn.
    Word. I suggest a fresh windows instal to clean everything up.

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    Word. I suggest a fresh windows instal to clean everything up.
    My car has a flat tire.

    Get a new one!

  5. install linux problem solved

  6. Wait, this is a Mac?

  7. Google search on "bidwell textdrive" just looks like it's a MySQL server for a web hosting company. It's probably nothing at all. Do you use Wordpress or some Mac web app written in Ruby on Rails? They provide services for that, and some program you have may be trying to ping it every now and then.

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    My car has a flat tire.

    Get a new one!
    If your computer is having some problems that don't seem to have an answer, nothing beats a fresh instal. Hell, I do a fresh instal every 6 months just to get rid of all the junk thats built up on my computer and the damn thing always seems to run better. Don't give me any of that lip.


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