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Thread: HDTV me!

  1. HDTV me!

    It's damn well time I joined the HD age, now that two important criteria are met-

    1) LCD wins the question of format
    2) I've got the money, up to $2000.

    I'm in the market for a 42" 1080p LCD with as close to zero lag as possible. I see recently that Yoshi recommended Vizio while Hubbitron dumped on them, and Mykozo had nice things to say about Westinghouse. Anyone else have a particular favorite manufacturer/model?


  2. I'll answer your last question though it rejects your first point. The recently released Panasonic PX and PZ sets are damn fine TVs at very reasonable prices. Pioneer still is the king but you'll have to pay a king's ransom. Bang for the buck, I'd go with the Panasonic TH-42PZ800U, but for some reason you've decided to go with an LCD set.

  3. For right now, Samsung LCD no question. Sony XBR4s are up there too, but more expensive with no obvious benefit. The 65, 69, and 71 series are great, and we've discussed them on the forum before. The new models are just coming out this month too so those might get even more discounted soon. The 69 and 71 are 120 Hz sets, in matte and glossy finish respectively. Do not buy a set without at least going to the store to see the Sammys in person. The budget brands like Vizio and Westinghouse are exactly that, cheaper and not as good, but if that's what you want to spend I wouldn't call them bad either.

  4. I've have yet to be disappointed with Samsung.

  5. Samsung's Slimline CRTs are fucking garbage. They're LCDs are hot though. I have 2 of their monitor LCDs and they rock.
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  6. Westinghouse makes a GREAT 42" LCD that runs for $1100 MSRP. You can find it cheaper, tho. I've had one since Nov and hardly any complaints.
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  7. Nice, thanks for all the suggestions. Samsung looks to be the popular favorite, and when I was tooling around Best Buy today they looked pretty sharp, but there's still a week or so to go before I start throwing money around so I'm open to all ideas.


  8. the Samsungs are way cheaper online. Order from Amazon or another reputable place. has the best prices but a crap return policy.

  9. I have the 46" XBR4. It was between that and the Samsung. I viewed both at Circuit City with my own movie (Ratatouille blu-ray) and I had them change the settings. They also price matched

    You can't go wrong with either.

  10. I've had a 1080p Sharp Aquos for a while, and its been pretty dependable so far. The first HD TV I bought was some cheap ass 720p Insignia from Best Buy, and it crapped out on me after six months (Luckily I only paid about $400 for it). So, I'd stay away from that brand.


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