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Thread: Tales from the Wasteland

  1. Tales from the Wasteland

    I've had the idea for a post-apocalyptic novel for awhile (that was actually fashioned more on being a script) but never got around to starting it due to work on other things. Recent forays into post-apocalyptic fiction/multimedia have spurred my interest further then before and I've been putting together some ideas.

    I thought it would be interesting if a world was created and rather then focusing on one large story in this world, the world could be shown through many shorter stories, involving different people and perhaps if there's some interest, that one large story could be put together at one point. Being as of the fact that I'm not really a fan of short stories I thought a good way to make things truly interesting would be to make it graphical, in the vein of Frank Miller type stuff I suppose. I suck at art unfortunately and a big reason to making this thread was to scout out prospective artists who may be interested.

    -Post nuclear war by around 100 years or so
    -Set on the West Coast, though the larger story initially had the idea for the main character to travel from Los Angeles to Washington D.C
    -Mostly realistic world but with unrealistic happenings. I want there to be a strong overture of dark humor and I'm also a fan of the idea of "running away" with certain things. There will be mutants and all types of creatures as a direct result of the nuclear war.

    The idea is mostly to create a slightly humorous setting slightly stylized somewhere along the lines of the Fallout games (but not enough to draw a direct similarity).

  2. Surely, TNL has something to say about this idea...

  3. So you're kinda sorta putting Fallout into a book and injecting a different storyline?

  4. Sorta kinda you could say. I didn't want everything to turn out too similar and there's plenty of other post-apocalyptic works to take influence from.

  5. I mean... it isn't exactly groundbreaking.

    It's not a bad idea for a collection of short stories. But you don't like short stories.

    It's also kind of like World War Z. Which you should read if you haven't. It does the over-arching post-zombie apocolypse plot using many smaller, specific accounts and "interviews".
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Mr-K View Post
    I mean... it isn't exactly groundbreaking.

    The general idea, yeah, but it's a good setting that really hasn't been taken proper advantage of in years (in my opinion anyhow), plus there's room for a lot of imagination as well as giving a proper enviroment to examine human nature in the most primal of existences. The original story-line showed the results of the war from the West Coast to the East, exploring a large portion of a world that hadn't been seen before.

    I think the graphic storyline could make this pretty awesome.

    Edit: Also, yes, I don't like short stories, but as I said above that I wanted to do graphic shorts with this. Short stories are incapable of painting a big enough picture for me most of the time, but when part of overall larger story they work just fine.

  7. Hard to comment until you have some portion of it written down. So go for it, even if you only have 1 or 2 chapters, I am sure TNL would give you their opinion.

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    You should call it Snow Job.
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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    World War Z
    "I view terrorists as freedom fighters."

  10. World War Z is the shit though. Good good stuff.


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