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Thread: VGA to HDMI?

  1. Xbox 360 II VGA to HDMI?

    I just got an HDTV on the cheap from a buddy of mine. HDMI works beautifully on it, but there is something wrong with the component inputs. I need a converter for my 360 VGA cable to plug in via HDMI because I have an older 360 without HDMI out.

    Where can I get one for a reasonable price? My google search brought up some crazy-ass $200 shit.

  2. I would suggest against any converstion from VGA to HDMI. The picture will always be complete ass. VGA is an analog signal and HDMI is a digital signal.

    Either get a different monitor, or get a different Xbox. I know that isn't the answer you are looking for, but analog -> digital conversion is expensive and the results will always look terrible.

    If you are intent on doing things this way, however, I think they have some weird HDMI conversion kits for 360. I'm sure they are ghetto, but they may do the trick in your unique situation.

  3. If you can wait until May, you can pick up one of these for $60.

    Otherwise I'm no help.
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  4. that sucks.

    Thanks though. Guess it's time to get an Elite.

  5. Or just get the monitor fixed?


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