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Thread: Installing a second hard drive

  1. Question Installing a second hard drive

    Ok, I installed a second hard drive but I'm at a bit of a loss of what to do now. I went into the bios and I think I made the right changes to the settings but the drive still isn't showing up when I start windows. Any help? Most of what I found on google pretty much explained the physical installation which was easy.

  2. You made sure to set the original drive's jumper pins to master and the new hdd's jumper pins to slave, right?

  3. How do you set the pins? Also the main drive only had 3 to begin with (where the diagram I have shows six), so I'm really confused. Also if the diagram is right then it is already set up to be a slave drive.

    I found this info:
    After you have installed the drive you will not see it on the list of drives on your computer. To make it visible (in Windows XP) you must format it and assign it a drive letter.

    Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop and select 'Manage'

    Select Storage/Disk Management

    You will see your new drive but it will not be assigned a drive letter.
    And I did what it said but the drive isn't there, which is interesting because when I start the computer up it recognizes something new.

    ***Never mind I got it to work, woot!***
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  4. Is it safe to assume that the hard drive is not a Sata drive and that it is a IDE drive?

  5. with SATA's you dont need to worry about jumpers since they don't run in Plymouth Rock "master-slave" mode, so i would guess yes.

  6. It seems it would be a SATA. This is the drive I bought:

    Though I have it all working now, though I think a fan maybe dying...

  7. lol @ not formatting it first.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    lol @ not formatting it first.
    How could I format it if I couldn't get the computer to recognize it first?

  9. Device manager?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Razor Ramon View Post
    Device manager?
    No I had to go into the bios for it to even show up there.


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