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    TNL has known what is up in the past about using some software so I figured I'd ask for some ideas.

    Does anyone know a really good book for using matlab? I'm actually haveing to write some stuff for it in class on a few of my up coming test and we can use any "how to" book we can find.

    So, anyone know of any good ones? I normally just use google

  2. You can't really beat Amazon and the book reviews people put up. I've bought plenty of books for software based on the reviews and have never been disappointed.

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    anyone know how to do a notch filter in matlab by using the transfer function?

  4. It's been a while since I used it, but can't you just set it up? The guy from Matlab says this is the way to do it;

    Design a lowpass filter using remez or firls with the notch frequency
    in the center of the transition band.

    Then multiply by 2 and subtract 1 from the center tap.

    For example:

    f0 = .2;
    df = .1;
    N = 30; % must be even for this trick
    h=remez(N,[0 f0-df/2 f0+df/2 1],[1 1 0 0]);
    h = 2*h - ((0:N)==(N/2));

    You can check where the true zero crossing occurs using:

    Adjust the center frequency as needed to get closer to your desired
    notch frequency.

    If a real-time implementation is not required, apply the filter with
    filtfilt to get zero phase.


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