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Thread: 360, Wii, PS3, PSP, DS and GC things for sale

  1. 360, Wii, PS3, PSP, DS and GC things for sale

    Greetings all!

    One of my coworkers is selling a bunch of his junk and asked if I could post it around. So here goes.

    I'm guessing that if any of you dudes and dudettes _do_ want anything from the lot, I'll be some kind of intermediate in limbo to answer your questions and/or ship your things. Cool beans? Cool beans.

    King Kong $5
    Chromehounds $10
    DDR $20

    Fishing Master $20
    Mario Party 8 $30

    The Darkness $20
    Full Auto 2 $15

    Thrillville $5
    Taito Legends $5
    Guitar Hero 2 $15
    Soul Calibur 3 $10
    Tomb Raider: Anniversary $15

    Thrillville: Off the Rails ($10)
    Infected ($5)

    Starfox Command ($10)
    Spectrobes $5

    Pokemon Coliseum PAL $5
    Starfox Adventures PAL $5
    Star Wars Rogue Leader PAL $5
    Mario Golf $5
    Mario Baseball $15
    Super Monkey Ball PAL $5
    Sonic Heroes PAL $5

  2. Does DDR have the pad?

  3. I'll ask him.

  4. Naw, he had two but he sold them.

  5. I could take the PAL GC titles (and the cheap Mario Golf you got there), if you want to send them to Europe? Let me know.

  6. Okay! I'll let him know right away.


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