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Thread: Using my DS Lite as an MP3 player

  1. Using my DS Lite as an MP3 player

    Okay, so I've thought it would be cool to mount a DS or PSP on my dash for awhile now, and I've finally decided to make it happen. It needs to be functional though, not just there for looks. GPS software is still sketchy, so I've decided to use the portable as an MP3 player. I also decided I want to use a DS Lite over a PSP (even though the PSP has MP3 functionality out of the box).

    So, my question is... what all do I need? I have NO idea about any of this stuff, as I've never looked into the homebrew scene. Do I need a flashcart? An SD card? How does the SD card connect to the DS? There's some stuff here:, but I want it to look clean -- not with some giant harddrive sticking out of the DS. Anywhere from 2GB to 8GB of space is good for me.

    After I get the hardware, do I need Moonshell or something? I've heard of CycloDS and some iPod-ish software.... I don't know. Any help appreciated, or even just a link that explains these things for noobs. Thanks in advance.

  2. Just get a slot-1 flashcart R4/Edge/CycloDS/DSTT/Acekard/Etc... Most comes with Moonshell already installed to play mp3s/dpg movies or you can just put it in the flash cart yourself if it hasn't.

    Edit: The iPodish software you speak of is Lick's Media Player. It's mainly just for the novelty factor (in my opinion), but you can try both and see which you like better.

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