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Thread: Different CPU types and different versions of compiled software

  1. Different CPU types and different versions of compiled software

    I have a box with a processor that was unknown to me. I took a guess at an Intel CPU and installed Linux Fedora 8 using the i386 iso.

    It worked.

    After the fact, I checked the CPU and found it is actually an AMD Athelon. Since I just got the OS installed and there is nothing of any real value on the hard drive, would it be worth it to download the AMD build of Fedora 8 and start over? Everything looks like it is working fine, but is it maybe slower or something? Any incompatibility things that may jump up?

  2. you *may* get some kind of benefit out of running a linux kernel built specifically for that processor but all in all you'll have the most compatibility and fewest problems using the release you have now (or switching to i686, which has fewer legacy components and should have new fancy crap like SSE instruction sets and such compiled in)

    if you really want to throw caution to the wind, roll your own kernel out by installing the source on the computer and building it by hand...

  3. Rock on. Thanks cka. Helpful stuff.

  4. yeah, amd's processors are still 8086 (otherwise known as i386) it's just that the 64 bit ones have 64 bit extensions -- they aren't full-on 64 bit processors


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