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Thread: Goofy USB troubles

  1. Goofy USB troubles

    I'm having trouble figuring this problem out for my mother. When I plug certain devices in (which work fine on other computers) instead of the usual sound that Windows makes when plugging in a device, the sound stutters and the devices never recognize. Other USB devices work fine. Any ideas?

    Brand new computer, new installation of Windows and all that nonsense.

  2. Honestly, what Windows? If its Vista I had the same problems and I had to download new drivers and that SP1 update.
    If its XP ... I have no idea.
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  3. It's XP. It doesn't seem to be an issue of wrong drivers, because even if it doesn't have drivers at all, plugging in a USB device should bring up a dialog to find drivers.

    I had a similar problem on this system with a controller that works on every other system (and this one before I reinstalled Windows), and make a weird noise when I plug it in.

  4. Make sure to use Windows Update first. Sometimes there is a fix available to address some goofy issue that was probably caused by another Microsoft fix you installed.

    You can then try opening your Device Manager through the System option in the control panel or after right-clicking on My Computer and picking Properties. Look for any hardware conflicts there.

    It could also be some connection that was knocked loose if you pushed a plug in too far.

  5. Tried it in a few ports, so I don't think it's a connection issue. Windows says the device is working properly, too, but I get a communication error if I actually attempt to print,

  6. try a different cable

  7. XP needs at least SP1 to recognize and run a usb 2.0 device (which the non working devices could be), so if you don't have SP1 installed, do that first.


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