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Thread: Live Type issues with PSD's

  1. Live Type issues with PSD's

    Not a huge issue, but I've been having some aspect ratio problems with Photoshop and Livetype. I made a Logo for fun and want to use it in some of my videos I make. The logo itself is a very high res (like 5000 by 3000 pixels) and the native image is in square pixels. I can make a new canvas that is 1440x1080 with 1.33 pixel ratio, 720x480 with 1.2 pixel ratio, and 720x480 with .9 pixel ratio. Now when I move these images straight into FCP with sequences of the same res and pixel ratio, the images look fine. Just to mess around with it, I wanted to try to make a Live Type of the logo with it spinning onto screen or something. Problem though. Even hen I set the project properties in Live Type, the image is squished.

    Here is how it should look:

    Click for full size

    Now here is how it looks when it is put into Live Type:

    Click for full size

    Again, I've checked the properties and settings in all the programs, and they are all correct resolutions and pixel ratios. However, the image looks fine in FCP but it is squished in Live Type. It isn't a huge deal for this project, seeing as I really don't want to add motion to this logo, but I'd like to know why and how to prevent it in the futur.
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