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Thread: DVD upscaling software

  1. DVD upscaling software

    I want to run DVDs fullscreen on a 1080p capable monitor without it looking like asshole.

    What's the best program, to get that done?

  2. I think like, any computer DVD playing software will do that.

  3. Yeah, that's not exactly telling me which is the best.

  4. For this particular task/criteria, I would say they are all equal.

    I prefer PowerDVD just in general, but even VideoLAN or WMP will do the trick.

  5. I use the GOM Player or DiVX, if all else fails.
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  6. I have no complaints about vlc.

  7. FFDShow noobs unless something newer/better came out

  8. FFDShow is awesome. You can tweak every facet of the upconversion. I use it with conjunction of Zoom Player Professional (it works fine with WMP).

    Here is an old guide to how to use FFDShow. I think there is a newer guide but I can't find it atm.

  9. nvidia's purevideo if you have one of their cards.

    whic iirc is included in either Powerdvd Ultra or WinDVD 8 Platinum
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