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Thread: Best Computer Games, circa 1995

  1. Best Computer Games, circa 1995

    On a lark, a friend of mine is going to build me a "top of the line" Windows 95 computer. As stated many times before, I've never really been into computer games; but thought it might be fun to play some older stuff on the actual hardware of that time period. Yes, I'm aware of dosbox, but I really need another piece of outdated tech sitting in my house.
    I like RPG, Strategy, and Adventure games. FPS make me motion sick.
    So far I'm looking to get The Beast Within, Full Throttle, and The Dig.
    What else should I get?

  2. X-COM UFO Defense
    Get it right now.

  3. I had that for playstation. Load times sucked, but it was a fun game. Will add that to the list.

  4. Civ 2, Master of the Orion, Fallout 1/2, Baldur's Gate 1/2

  5. Lemmings
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    Populous 2 and MechWarrior 2.

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    For adventure games I would check out Under a Killing Moon, The Neverhood, Dreamweb, Bad Mojo, and I Have no Mouth, And I Must Scream.

    I know you said FPS make you sick but the adventure hybrid System Shock is awesome. Going back to games like Wolf3d and Doom makes me motion sick now but System Shock doesn't. Terra Nova's also good.

    Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure is a neat 3/4 isometric action-adventure although pretty cruel difficulty-wise.

  8. Under a Killing Moon, jerk. And Relentless.

    Also The Neverhood, though that works fine on modern hardware.

    EDIT: Damn you, Neo

  9. TIE Fighter and Day of the Tentacle.

  10. I loved Populous on Genesis, what did the sequel add to make it worth playing?


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