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Thread: Best Computer Games, circa 1995

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    The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall was impressive but I fear how it has aged (I haven't played it that recently). There weren't a lot of mid '90s PC RPGs I liked. I loved Diablo but I'm sure you know about that game, plus is it's an ARPG.

  2. I think I have Daggerfall (or may be just the first Elder Scrolls) on one of the discs Retro Gamer used to put with the magazine.

  3. Daggerfall is one of the buggiest messes ever programmed. Doesn't mean it's not an interesting and ambitious game, but it has to be said.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Cheebs View Post
    Awesome game.

    Quote Originally Posted by bVork View Post
    One Must Fall: 2097
    Spent many of the hours playing this.

    Red Baron is a little older but still a classic.

    Of course Doom, that kept me and my buddies occupied in our basement for about 3 years. 4 player doom on 486dx2's for the win.

    You can always do a google for "abandonware".


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