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Thread: Neo Geo system

  1. Neo Geo system

    Anyone interested in a loose NG AES (home) system? One of the screws doesn't hold but the system works fine. Will include 1 working controller, Composite AV cable, RF box, adaptor (110v) and 1 game (Samurai Shodown 2 JPN, complete).

    The bios was replaced too so you can change language and toggle between Arcade/Home settings via 2P controller.

    Asking $110 obo.

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    Damn, that's a steal. Someone buy this before I do
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  3. Sole, soul, soooooooooooo, sold!!!

  4. Fuck I didn't notice this.

  5. Damn I rather have sold it to you Thief.

  6. It happens, I have a big enough backlog, but one day when I have more cash I plan to get a Neo Geo home system.

    Or a cab ^.^

  7. A MVS board or cab would be better, MVS games are so much cheaper or just hook up PC to TV and mame it

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    Theif: When you're ready to make the plunge, I'm sure one of us Neo-heads can find you a consolized MVS system for (relatively) cheap. I sold my home system and used the cash to buy the consolized setup and had some cash left over. Win!

    I do miss the sexiness of having a home system sometimes. Then I look at my MVS games and realize than all of them together wouldn't buy but 1 or 2 home cartridges.
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  9. When I have some extra cash flow I'll let you guys know.

    I may be getting my hands on a Commodore 64 sooon ^.^

  10. How much do consolized MVS usually run for? I've been wanting one for years, but I've never really considered it seriously. Maybe a general purpose supergun would be better so I can use this ST-V board I have too. I still kind of want an Atomiswave setup so I can finally play Dolphin Blue and TRF2, but that's probably a lot more than I want to blow on two games.


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