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Thread: PC-FX

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Grave View Post

    Disassembling a PCFX

    Dude's pretty rad! He used to post here!

    edit: or still does?
    He hasn't posted here in a while.

    Great guy though.
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  2. is that NGE then?

  3. Nope, if I remember correctly I think he used NeoGman here or something like that.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

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    Yeah, I think he might have had a few different names here, and always recognizable by the Mutant Night avatar. I think NEOGEOman was the most recent name.

  5. This system, like the Virtual Boy, was an obvious failure waiting to happen. FMV games had already been rejected by gamers by the time the system was nearing release. NEC seemed to understand this and didn't predict big sales for the system, so it's funny that they even bothered to release it.
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  6. I have nothing to add other than to say thanks for making this thread, Neo.

    I remember staring in awe at an ad for this in Gamefan years back. It was running a copy of Return to Zork, a title I grew to hate (the FMV boggled my mind at the time, though).

    I'm looking forward to a comprehensive feature on this in Retro Gamer... if they ever do one.
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  7. Coincidentally enough, I just got the PC-FXGA running in my PC-98. It actually has additional 3D and graphical muscle for the FXGA only software (not like there's a lot out there). You use floppies for saves so you have virtually unlimited save space but it still only runs in S-Video at best. It doesn't seem like the graphic controller chip outputs any RGB but I'd be willing to put a bounty on that....maybe I should do that for other mods as well.
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  8. Does ANYONE have the issue of GameFan from 1993 or 1994 where they preview the beta version of the PC-FX, when it was called Project Tetsujin
    (and Iron Man) ? There was a preview of a 3D polygon F-1 racing game, that might've even been texture-mapped-- it kinda looked like Virtua Racing but with better graphics. They said it ran at 30fps....or that the console ran games at 30fps. The article was towards the back of the magazine in one of those columns like 'Japan Now', or 'Other Stuff'. I thought I had the issue with that article but I realize I don't. I badly wanna read it again. Kudos to anyone that can produce it.

  9. Interesting thing is, the PC-FX, or less specifically, a 32-bit console from NEC & Hudson, had been in development since no later than early 1990, about 4 1/2 years before the PC-FX shipped out in Japan.

    EGM #10, May 1990

    NEC & Hudson's in-development 32-bit machine was revealed to the press in 1992 as Project Tetsujin aka Iron Man:

    The NEC Iron Man / Tetsujin would've gone head-to-head with Sega's 32-Bit GigaDrive, most likely in 1993. But both consoles were delayed and continued to evolve, into the PC-FX and Saturn respectively, released in Japan in November and December 1994.

  10. That 3D demo shot looks really familiar. Is that an actual game and I'm just blanking or what? Maybe I had that issue. Hmm.


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