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Thread: Progressive Anime goodness...

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    Progressive Anime goodness...

    I am here to sing the praises...

    I recently bought a Sony Hi-Scan Hi-def WEGA and I bought my first progressive-scan DVD player (a Panasonic RP62, the best out there for under 200 bucks, by the way)...I learned to most DVD's are not progressive so I decided to go to my local best buy and get Princess Mononoke (17.99, btw).

    I had watched it before on a flat screen with a regular DVD player so I was familiar with it anyway. Rarely, am I blown away by picture quality since I work in the electronics business (SEARS) but my jaw was on the floor. The first hour of the movie, I couldn't even follow the plot because I was just marveling at how the colors were so rich and the lines were so smooth and there wasn't even a trace of color bleed.

    OKay okay okay...I'm sorry if I sound like I am bragging about my system...I really am not trying to. I just want people to know that this kind of bliss is not too expensive these days.

    SAMSUNG has just released a 27" inch Hi def monitor. It's right here It's only 799.99 at Sears and Best Buy. Wait till or some other place gets one and then print out the website price and bring it into sears. I bet that when all is said and done, you could probably walk out with the TV for 650-700 (which is the same price as a SONY WEGA PIP set that isn't hi def). It's not so bad.

    While your at it, pick up a Panasonic has a DCDi chip to smooth out artifacting on non-proggessive DVD's and it's the only one under 300 bucks that does.

    I'm not trying to be a salesman...I just want to spread the gospel

    oh, and here is a list of DVD's that are progressive. Bring a copy to your local store and ask to see a demo:

    R1 US:

    Amazing Nurse Nanako vol 3 (only a very few sections were interlaced. The earlier volumes had some severe problem areas that lasted for quite a long while)
    Armitage III Polymatrix
    Castle of Cagliostro
    Don't Leave me alone Daisy (episodes 1 and 3 are progressive with only a few interlaced frames. episode 2 is almost pure interlace. I have not watched the rest yet but spot checking indicates that every other episode is progressive)
    Ghost in the Shell
    Haunted Junction (OP/ED interlaced)
    Irresponsible Captain Tylor TV series (OP/ED/eyecatch in interlace, rest in progressive on the first disc. During the middle of disc 2 more interlaced frames start showing up, but it's still very good and can comfortably be watched in weave mode.)
    Macross TV
    Mobile Suit Gundam 0083
    Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (primarily progressive with a few interlaced frames interspersed - most notably in the OP/ED)
    Ninja Cadets
    Princess Mononoke
    Tenchi OAV box (most of it - the first OVA has noticeably fewer interlaced frames than the second OVA)
    Tenchi Muyo in Love (first movie only)
    Vampire Hunter D
    Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
    Wicked City

  2. You can add Sherlock hound case 3 to that list.

    Your article is very interesting and useful for people like me who don't know much in the dvd player field.You convinced me to buy a Panasonic RP62but can you tell me more about flat screen tv(like the good and bad,for someone who cherish his buck).

    Your expertise will be greatly appreciate

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    Well, the TV that I have and the tv that I was talking about (the Samsung) are Hi-def TV's. By definition, a high definition TV has the capacity to accept up to 1080 lines of resolution (as opposed to a non-hi-def TV which runs between 480-520 lines). More importantly, an HDTV can accept a 480 line progressive input rather than a 480 interlaced signal. Rather than scaning a set of the even numbered lines (2, 4...480) and than the odd numbered lines, you are seeing all 480 lines being scanned at one time. Essentially, you are getting double the lines of resolution. You also get less flickering and jumping of images and text.

    The flat screen aspect of it doesn't matter as much, but it does have some advantages. You get a truer picturer with a flat screen since the corner are not bending away from you. You also get alot less glare.

    I hope I answered some of your questions. Feel free to ask more if I did not.

  4. The samsung TV link is broken, and i'd like to check it out


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    I can't seem to get the Samsung site link to work but here is the TV on the Sears website:

    Samsung 27" inch DynaFlat Hi-Def Monitor

  6. cool. if they had a wide screen model at that price i would so be there... that is, if i had any money

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    The widescreen isn't exactly in that range but it's still the cheapest widescreen's around 1299.99 last i checked, for a 30"

  8. Of course my Macross TV Boxset DVDs had to be progressive, they are just so damned great. Animeigo rules.


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