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Thread: Same Name, Different Game

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Cheebs View Post
    Lynx Rampage was all-new.
    Lynx Rampage was originally going to be Monster Demolition...

    Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    I think it is shitty. It is super easy, I remember being done with it within a day or two. The game has no challenge whatsoever. Yah, it is not a port because SMS couldn't handle the arcade version. But Space Harrier SMS gave me hope.
    The non-Japanese version of SMS Enduro Racer was cut in half (much like the US version of Captain Silver).

    The obscure Sega arcade game Line of Fire was a gun game similar to Operation Wolf. The SMS version was a good, but pretty easy, overhead shooter.

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    The SMS Shinobi lacked the Arcade ending.

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    When you add in some of the ones people mention after NZE's original list, this becomes the best of 8-bit gaming minus Castlevania. It's interesting that so many of the best games were altered arcade ports/sequels. Kudos for a fucking Nintendo-free 8-bit thread. Konami made the NES great.

  4. NES Gun.Smoke is more fun than Arcade Gun.SMoke.
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  5. There's a PCE version of Double Dragon II?
    Oh, I just checked and it's a CD game.

  6. SMS Golden Axe only has one character and suffers from some pretty serious flicker and slowdown, but it's still pretty faithful to the original.
    Golden Axe Warrior for SMS is a totally different game and genre, and is actually really good.

  7. [Console > Arcade]
    Gyruss: Dedicated levels, bosses, a real sense of progress and still challenging even now. It's the sole reason my NES still works or that I have it at all.

    Guerilla War: I love the heck out of the NES version because it's so ridiculous, but I never found an arcade version -- and the 8-way rotating joystick sounds nice. Either way, you're playing as Che Guevara & Fidel Castro.

    [Arcade > Console]
    NeoZeedeater already said Astyanax and I agree -- I was MAD when I got to play the arcade version. They're WORLDS apart. Glad I only rented it.
    [insert witty signature here.]

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Korian View Post
    The SMS Shinobi lacked the Arcade ending.
    There was an ending?

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    Yep, the arcade Shinobi at least has an ending.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi
    When you add in some of the ones people mention after NZE's original list, this becomes the best of 8-bit gaming minus Castlevania.
    It covers a good amount of the console games from that era but there's still of bunch of excellent ones missing so I can't agree there (Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Power Strike II, Phantasy Star, Moon Crystal, Kenseiden, Recca, Rescue Mission, Tetris, Penguin Land, Battletoads, to name a few).


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