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Thread: OFFICIAL Flcl thread

  1. OFFICIAL Flcl thread

    This tuesday! After soooooooooooo long, its here tuesday!! I had read about Flcl here and there, I remember the Animerica review when it first came out saying things like "Gainax has done it again!" and "This is stuff that makes me feel like I want to go out feel alive". I was excited when it was announced to come here, and worried that a new company called Synch Point was releasing it here. Could they have botched it? Well, no one has reviewed the US dvd yet, so who knows. The import reviews say the single episode discs are good, and episodes 2-6 all have english subs. I'm thinking if I fall in love with this series then I'll get a regionless dvd player and buy up the import dvds. Why all my excitement? I got to see it. A few months ago I went to Megacon in Orlando, and there was a GREAT showing of anime in two rooms. X series/ova, the first episode of the new Kenshin ova, some of the Final Fantasy series, the Ah My Godess movie, and many others are some of the stuff I didn't get to see. I did get to see some of Inu Yasha, Fruits Basket, and the Cowboy Bebop movie. But none of them even came close to watching Flcl. Thats right, a Bebop fan like myself who had some of the tapes and all of the dvds when they first came out liked Flcl MUCH more than the coolness of the Bebop movie. Watching Flcl for the first time on a big screen with my friends in a room packed with crazy anime fans (many cosplaying) was awesome, one of my favorite memories. There is alot to say about the show, but I'm going to hold off till I see the dvd. What we watched was a download I'm thinking, the visual quality was not very good (I've never downloaded anything, so I'm not sure). The music blew me away, and both I and a friend spent the next day at the con hunting down the soundtrack (got both vol for $10 each). The soundtrack is mostly this indie rock/punk done by a japanese group the Pillows. The first volume is great, but the second one has my favorite song from the series, Last Dinosaur. The music to the show goes perfectly with the insanity of it all. Wrapping things up, I got my copy pre-ordered (I must have it the day it comes out) at the local comic/anime store (they told me everyone working there wants a copy, damn!), and I really want my Flcl. NOW!

    ps- the big robot guy (Centi, I think) looks alot like Monitaur. There are some other hyper cool things like that, things that relate to my life and things I think are super cool. Its a super cool show.
    pwned by Ivan

  2. Keeeeee-rist, FLCL's hittin soon too? GTO, Excel Saga, and now poor wallet can't take it!!!

    So, what's this about, anyway?

  3. sorry to break it to you guys (as i'm annoyed as is by it)... but FLCL has been delayed yet again.

    taken from ANN (among other places):
    Synch Point has sent out a notice informing people that, due to a "video glitch," FLCL volume 1 has been delayed from June 25th to August 13th, 2002.

    FLCL, which was originally supposed to be released in February of 2002 has already been delayed several times. In late April, after many delays Synch Point released I'm Going to be an Angel vol 1.

    On the up side, SP has announced that the DVD will include a bonus booklet in addition to the already announced special features.

    Press Release Excerpts:

    The DVD release, a co-production between Synch-Point ( and Production I.G. (, has a commentary track by director Kazuya TSURUMAKI, among other extras.

    Due to a video glitch in the master tape, this title has been delayed. Synch-Point is dedicated to put out a quality product and to that effect has delayed the DVD for a month to assure the product will satisfy the consumers.

    Added extras include commentary track and a bonus booklet insert with extra information about FLCL that includes over 20 pages of exclusive liner note information, background PLUS special manga sequence translation!

    FEATURING Commentary track by the Director/Creator of the series! (Insights into the production! Creative decisions and behind the scenes info!)

    DVD Volume 1

    Contains episodes 1 -2
    Length: approx. 60 minutes
    Volume: FLCL - Fooly Cooly
    Title: Vol. 1
    Language: Japanese/English + English Subtitle
    Catalog #: SPFC-DVD01
    ISBN: 193171214X
    UPC: 801975130194
    SRP: $29.95

    Recommended age: 13 and up


    -Bilingual DVD
    -2 episodes
    -Character design sketches
    -Translation notes
    -Reversible cover
    -Commentary by Original Japanese Creator/Director
    -Special insert with liner note information and manga (comic) sequence from the animation!

    And more

  4. Originally posted by Ashen Victor
    sorry to break it to you guys (as i'm annoyed as is by it)... but FLCL has been delayed yet again.

    taken from ANN (among other places):

    Fucking christ.
    pwned by Ivan

  5. Ummmm, my online pre-order for FLCL volume one just changed from "Pre-Order" to this:

    "FOOLY COOLY V01 (FLCL) Pending Shipment on 6/24/2002"

    Bizzare. The only reason why that would happen is if the website got some in stock.
    But the DVD was delayed...
    ... or was it ??

    Man, this is like Ikaruga all over again...

    Please, all you people awaiting FLCL, I'm sure this is just some kind of odd glitch, so don't go getting all excited. I just figured I should mention this bit of information.

    - Kabuki

  6. Excuse me guys, But WTF is FLCL ???

  7. More fuel for the confusing fire...

    Synch Point's website release schedule ( ) says this:


    DVD release schedule
    Vol 1 - June 25, 2002
    Vol 2 - Summer 2002
    Vol 3 - Fall 2002"

    Now, Synch Point's main webpage ( ) only has this information about a delay:

    FLCL dela... I seem to be getting the feeling of deja vu..
    Yes. FLCL is delayed once again. The delay is mostly due to the added time and editing and subtitling needed for the commentary track. This extra is exclusive to the North American release of FLCL. The new date, June 25, has been added to the release schedule."

    The press release secion ( ) has no mention of this new delay either...

    - Kabuki

  8. Originally posted by Despair
    Excuse me guys, But WTF is FLCL ???
    Fooly Cooly man !! What, you're not down with the sickness ??

    Its the 6-episode series from Gainax (the Evangelion people) that everyone has been raving about.

    - Kabuki


    Anime Nation says "Release Date - 8/13/02"

    I hope the glitch goes away soon... It got me all excited even after I said for everyone not to get excited

    - Kabuki

  10. Originally posted by kabuki

    Fooly Cooly man !! What, you're not down with the sickness ??
    I ain't down, bro. All I know about it is they do a mock of South Park in one of the eps.

    Did Anno direct this?


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