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Thread: PlayStation 1 Games Not Released in the West

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    PlayStation 1 Games Not Released in the West

    When gamers talk about the import scene of the 32-bit era, I find it's usually the Saturn gets brought up most which is understandable given the high percentage of good games left in Japan. The Playstation also had its share of gems that didn't make it over.

    This thread is devoted to games that were exclusive to the PS1 at the time, are playable with little to no Japanese knowledge, and were not released in Western countries. Here are some (in no particular order) that I think are quality or at least interesting:

    Zanac x Zanac (Compile, 2001)

    Compile's shooter legacy had a great run, and this final Zanac package which includes the original and Zanac Neo is awesome.

    The Adventure of Little Ralph (New Corporation, 1999)

    This is the kind of game the 32-bit era needed more of, good old-fashioned 2d action-platformers. Ralphy doesn't really break any new ground but it's excellent game for fans of stuff like Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Rastan.

    Gradius Gaiden (Konami/KCET, 1997)

    I can't pinpoint exactly why but I think this is probably my favourite in the series (although keep in mind I'm not as big of a Gradius fan as a lot of gamers).

    Suzuki Bakuhatsu (Enix/SOL, 2000)

    I'm currently playing this. Thanks to Tain and others for the recommendation. I had previously assumed this game wasn't really playable at all without knowing Japanese. It's a neat bomb defusing puzzle/action game where you use different tools like screwdrivers and wire cutters. The presentation is awesome. There are times where I wish it had English as I didn't know why I had to cut a certain wire, and just got through with trial and error. Hopefully it won't become too hard to understand later on. Wii sequel please.

    Harmful Park (Sky Think System, 1997)

    Wacky f-chan shooter goodness.

    Kyuiin (Media Entertainment, 1996)

    I don't like this as much as Harmful Park but it's the best vacuum riding game you'll find.

    IS: Internal Section (Square/Positron, 1999)

    A trippy "rotate the tube" shooter; it reminds me of Gyruss (and of course more recent stuff like Nanotek Warrior).

    Tobal 2 (Square/Dream Factory, 1997)

    Pepsiman (KID, 1999)

    Believe the hype. A simple on-rails jump and dodge game with the power of Pepsiman is pretty addictive.

    Gamera 2000 (Datei Digital/Surveyor, 1997)
    Licensed shooters aren't usually this well made. If you're a fan of Panzer Dragoon and Galaxy Force, you should get it. It was the closest original game the PS1 had to a Sega rail shooter at the time. It has some retarded live action cinemas to laugh and/or cringe at, too.

    Klonoa Beach Volleyball (Namco, 2002)

    Panzer Bandit (Banpresto/Fill-in Cafe, 1997)

    The art's reminiscent of Guardian Heroes but don't expect that level of depth from this beat 'em up. I still recommend it for fans of the genre, though.

    70's Robot Anime: Geppy-X (Aroma, 1999)

    I only played this shooter briefly but I recall it being fairly good. You can transform on the fly to do different attacks.

    Hermie Hopperhead (SCE/Yuke's, 1995)

    This isn't the awesomeness that Halverson hyped it be (big surprise) but it's a platformer worth checking out.

    Mad Panic Coaster (Hakuhodo, 1997)

    I don't consider this a great game or anything but if you get a chance to play it, it's a cool experience. You have to make sure your coaster doesn't derail, and there are plenty of monsters you need to throw shit at. Damnit, now I got that Great Space Coaster or whatever it's called theme song in my head.

    Two-Tentaku (SCE/Club DEP, 1995)

    Gaia Seed: Project Seed Trap (Techno Soleil, 1996)

    This is a quality albeit somewhat generic shooter in the style of 16-bit stuff like Gate of Thunder and the Thunder Force games.

    The Rapid Angel (Techno Soleil, 1998)

    Like Gaia Seed, this Techno Soleil game reminds me of TG16 stuff. It's no Little Ralph for gameplay or graphics but it's certainly worth playing for fans of 16-bit-like action games.

    Hokuto no Ken: Seiki Matsukyu Seishi Densetsu (Bandai, 2000)

    One of many Fist of the North Star beat 'em ups that have been made over the years (except this one's quite good; I wish I remembered where I put mine).

    Rakugaki Showtime (Enix/Treasure, 1999)

    Check out sleeve's review -

    Finger Flashing (Affect, 1999)

    This a unique twist on "rock, paper, scissors". It's a puzzle/shooter where the enemies represent rock, paper, or scissors and so you have to shoot the correct hand shape to defeat them. Flash this motherfucker!

    So let's discuss and please add any I didn't list you feel are worth mentioning. Gunbullet, Lattice 200EC7, and Speed Power Gunbike are a few I haven't played yet that I wouldn't mind getting more impressions on.

  2. I was hoping you wouldn't have Suzuki Bakuhatsu on the list just so I could mention it. I should have known you and a few others on here would have gotten around to it also. It's at the top of my list for Wii-makes I'd like to see but won't.
    All is well.

  3. Gunner's Heaven probably belongs on this list.

  4. The Adventure of Little Ralph looks damn awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flux=rad View Post
    Gunner's Heaven probably belongs on this list.
    It came out in Europe as Rapid Reload. I remember liking it but it's no Gunstar Heroes.

  6. EDIT - Night Raid. The post-Mars Matrix shooter from Takumi.

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  7. I didn't like Internal Section... it was very easy, I got bored after about 4/5 stages of nonthreatening gameplay.

  8. Definitely would support Gunners Heaven being on there, but it did come out in Europe as Rapid Reload. (edit: ok yeah I knew nze would beat me to that) Little Ralph is the shit. Wilykat (who used to post here, not to be confused with Wildkat) talked it up for years and I didn't get to play it til I grabbed it off of Japanese PSN. It's a pretty great time. Very solid game, wish I had been able to pick it up sooner. Gunners Heaven is on PSN now as well.

    Never got to play Kyuiin, and I still really want to. I don't know if I'd call Pepsiman a must-play (considering I paid way too much for it when I was in high school) but it's certainly a decent time and it's hard to beat the cutscenes with the fat American guy.

    Speed Power Gunbike's a decent game, but for all the years I've been wanting to play it I couldn't help but be kind of disappointed by the execution. I mean, no game could be what I wanted it to be, but it's still pretty cool and worth seeking out.

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    X2: No Relief (Team 17, 1996)
    This is a sequel to Project X on Amiga. It was released in Europe and Japan but not in North America. It's pretty good. If it didn't have a lifebar, it would be one of the greats, but it's still worth playing as it is.

  10. been meaning to fill out my PS1 collection.

    did Vib Ribbon come out domestically?


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