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Thread: PlayStation 1 Games Not Released in the West

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Shooting Love View Post
    Sunsoft Memorial Vol.5: Hebereke & raf World (Journey to Silius) (Sunsoft) A collection of two Famicom games. I bought this because it was only $3, and was supprised to find the Hebereke platformer is actually pretty fun to play.
    I did not know this collection existed. eBay time.

  2. Has anyone played Crime Crackers?

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    I have Crime Crackers but I haven't played it much. It's cool that it was an FPS/RPG mix which was pretty much unheard of for Japanese games but it didn't seem that great of a game from what I remember. I got it five or so years after it came out so its once awesome graphics had lost the wow factor.

  4. Has anyone played Crime Crackers?
    No, but that awesome, cheesy, 90's Anime intro makes me want to.

  5. Oh yeah, I want to mention Cybernetic Empire as well. Kind of interesting Metal Gear-meets-Burning Rangers from Wolfteam, hampered by lack of dual shock support. Still fun if you can get over the controls and picky platforming.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Shou View Post
    Blaze & Blade (T&E Soft), Blaze & Blade Busters (T&E Soft) - 4P simul ARPG series with really shit polygons but amazing gameplay, classes are truly unique eg mages have long button sequences for different spells, there are some item cheats using memory cards but still two of the lost great games of the era, Busters is very much like an expansion disc
    This came out for the PC in the west. Me and my brother tried to really get into it just because it was weird and new, but, man, did this suck.

  7. Crime Crackers is great in the way that a lot of mediocre early 32 bit titles are. I really enjoyed it, and I plan to pick up the sequel (and maybe the original again!) when I have Japanese PSN moneys again. If you would like an mp3 of the awesome theme song, there is a place you will probably be able to find it relatively shortly!


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