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Thread: Chip Tunes

  1. Chip Tunes

    I figured there seemed to be a bunch of interest in this type of music going around lately. I think some people around here even dabble in making the stuff. There also seems to be an explosion of people doing all sorts of styles of this music at the moment also. So I'll start off with a few samples of some people I'm digging at the moment. Feel free to comment or post your own favorites or material.
    Saskrotch is pretty well known and famous for his "nintendo breaks" compilation a few years back which pretty much had random nes tracks with blistering breakbeats over the top. He also runs his small indie label "give daddy the knife. He's also known for doing crazy mashups and original chiptune type material. I believe his material is produced mainly on his mac book.
    The Scottish wonderkid sabrepulse. He does a lot of original material either using the computer or rigged gameboys. He's known mostly for his really dancey chiptune tracks and his mashup/chiptune stuff.
    Full out chiptune/rockish band Anamanaguchi use everything from synths to full band setup(drums guitar and what not) to make their unique sound. Reminds me of super crazy intro sequences of games or fierce boss battles.
    Null/Sleep the NYC native is known for running the ever popular 8 bit peoples label and helping host the big blip festival in NYC also. He does most of his music on rigged gameboys also and maybe some computer work. He mostly does original tracks and some 8 bit remixes of other people (the depeche mode 8 bit megamix is a fav of mine).
    Speaking of 8 bit peoples, the guys listed have releases on that label and many others. So check it out for more groups and music.
    Also speaking of the blip festival. It's a once a year chiptune 4 day event held in NYC. The event show cases a lot of chip tune artists and performers. There are a load of videos from the festival to fest your eyes on. I really dig the multi screens and visuals they use with each music group performance. I think the fest has been going strong for atleast 2-3 years and hopefully keeps getting bigger.
    Quatra 330 from Japan who I was exposed to thanks to detour in another thread. He does some bass heavy dubstep using gameboys and other materials. I just love the looks on peoples faces when you play this stuff on a loud system. He also got releases on the famous dub step label "hyperdub".
    YMCK are the chiptune darlings of Japan. Being so cute you could hug them, their videos, music and even their free music VST. YMCK perform chiptune poppy/jazzy music with sweet female vocals/vocorders. They also have some of the nicest videos made by themselves and a great live show. Their new release even made it onto the US itunes YAY!

    Hmm I guess I'll wrap it up for now and maybe post more later. Enjoy and comment.
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  2. Thanks man.

    Gonna give these a full listen later.

  3. I like chiptunes, but I don't know much of them.

    I like disasterpeace. (Neat track. Also this track and album.)

  4. I've been into this scene for several years now. There seems to be two sides to it-- one consisting of the oldschool demoscene musicians who have their roots in the Commodore 64 and Amiga tunes, and the other being this new hipster wave of artists that tend to focus on the NES and Gameboy hardware.

    A lot of the artists that you linked are solid, but I think if you dig a little deeper you'll find some incredible talent.

    My favorite chiptune artists are Maktone (of Class, Fairlight, and Superior Art Creations), Tempest (of Fairlight), and Strobe (of TiTAN). The former two primarily compose in SID and MOD... technically the tracks are really simple, but they're both masters when it comes to creating a memorable and flowing melody. Strobe dabbles in a bit of everything, most of his tracks are crazy grindcore .XMs. Maktone is from Sweden and the other two are from Finland.

    Maktone's website is here, with all of his tracks: -- just click the '.MOD' link near the top. Tempest was involved in the famous scandal with Timbaland (who is a dirty, dirty thief). As far as him and Strobe go, you guys will have to do some searching if you want to download all of their stuff.

    I also make chiptunes with two of my friends, but our stuff is a lot different from everything else that's out there and established. All of our samples are hand-drawn and as a whole it's really experimental. I guess if I had to categorize it I'd say that it's some sort of chip progrock. That's here, if anyone wants to check it out: --there's also a link to our website from our myspace, and our site's got 60-something tracks uploaded for anyone that wants to explore it further.

    Needles to say, I support this topic. disasterpeace is really, really talented and a super-nice guy to boot. If you guys want to find some more standard 'NSF'-type stuff, look into Rushjet1's releases with 8bitpeoples, he's a damn beast on the 2A03.
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  5. Are you that Coda? I've got 8bit Chocolate Rain as my ringtone. Good stuff.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Dunlap View Post
    Are you that Coda? I've got 8bit Chocolate Rain as my ringtone. Good stuff.
    I'm not Coda. I know him, though. I don't think he likes me. We often find eachother in the same IRC channels, and people do tend to think we're the same person. Maybe he's my nemesis.

  7. Haha, yeah, I wouldn't get along to well with a chap called Dunlop, either.

  8. Man, It's really annoying me, I can't figure out what song that melody is from in Sabrepulse's Manhattan Transfer at around 1:42 to 2:05.
    Quick zephyrs blow, vexing daft Jim.

  9. C64/Amiga/Specy> NES/Gameboy sounds

    I really like whats being done with devices like the HardSid

    Check out one of my favorite tunes by "Not Breathing"
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