I'd like complete versions of all the Fantasy Zone games, but non complete will work fine too.

Here's the ones I already have (If its not complete, I would like a complete one, or the stuff to make it complete)
Fantasy Zone (SMS, cart only)
Fantasy Zone the Maze (SMS, Cart and box)
Fantasy Zone (TG16, HuCard only)
Super Fantasy Zone (Megadrive, PAL version, cart and box)

Games I'd like to get a hold of:
Fantasy Zone (Saturn Import, Sega Ages)
Fantasy Zone (TG16, complete)
Fantasy Zone (NES)
Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa Opa (SMS)
Fantasy Zone: The Maze (SMS, complete)
Fantasy Zone Gear (GameGear, US and JPN)
Space Fantasy Zone (PCE Super CD, I don't know if this exists, but I know I want it ^_^ )
Fantasy Zone (NES, US version)
Fantasy Zone (Famicom, does such a thing exist?)
Super Fantasy Zone (MegaDrive, JPN version)
Arnold Palmer Golf (supposedly Fantasy Zone is a secret game, I wanna find out)

Not a game, but I would also like the IcyIcy CD seen here:

If anyone has some of these they wanna unload, I can trade/buy for em.