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Thread: Bunch of Stuff for Sale/Trade

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    Bunch of Stuff for Sale/Trade

    Edit: Not really looking to trade, but will consider it. Cash is what I need now, so make offers!

    Fatal Frame (on hold)
    Fatal Frame II
    Spikeout: Battle Street
    DDR: Ultramix (with Konami pad)
    Guilty Gear XX/# Reload or whatever
    Half-Life 2
    PGR 2
    Call of Cthulhu
    The Warriors

    Dreamcast (JPN):
    Frame Gride
    Super Robot Wars Alpha
    Gunbird 2

    DC (US):
    Sonic Adventure
    Chu Chu Rocket

    Odama (complete, w/ mic)
    Shikigami no Shiro II (Jpn, comes with figurine, will include Freeloader)

    Saturn (US):
    Heir to Zendor
    Fighters Megamix
    Megaman X4
    Dragon Force (somewhat rough manual)
    Night Warriors (rugged)
    Netlink, NetlinkBrowser
    Sega Rally Championship-Netlink edition(still sealed)

    Saturn (Jpn):
    Gungriffon II
    Vampire Savior

    Rpg Maker
    Sol Divide
    Monster Rancher 2 (JPN)
    Cowboy Bebop (Jpn)

    Romancing Saga 1-3 (all complete and minty)
    Caravan Shooting Collection (JPN, complete, but the box is beat to hell)
    Phalanx (cart only)
    Super Gameboy (cart only)
    Gradius III (cart only)
    Axelay (cart only)
    Castlevania IV (Sealed)

    Hellfire- Cart Only
    Phelios (cart only)
    Target Earth (cart Only)
    Atomic Runner (cart only)

    Puyo Pop Fever

    Make offers!
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  2. I have Dark Alliance II for XBOX in mint/complete shape. PM me, more looking for newer stuff or $$.

  3. I've got D&D Heroes complete and scratch free I'd possibly be up for trading. How much are you looking for for Fatal Frame(Xbox)? Also, what condition is it in?

  4. CCCv2 never came out for XBOX.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    CCCv2 never came out for XBOX.
    Yes, it did. I've even seen it!
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...

  6. Holy shit, you're right. I have never once seen this. Good luck!

  7. If you don't care about the box, manual, or condition of the disc, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance can be had at Gamestop (or for $10.

  8. If you're still in the market, I've got a sealed Demon Stone. PM sent.

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  9. I have a mint copy of DA for game cube

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    Edited to remove sold items. New items coming on Sunday.
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...


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