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Thread: Sega Genesis games for sale

  1. Sega Genesis games for sale

    I'm selling some Sega Genesis games, they are:

    Streets of Rage 1---original copy, includes clam shell and instruction booklet.


    Golden Axe----Original copy, includes clam shell and instruction booklet.


    Revenge of Shinobi----Sega Genesis Classic edition, includes clam shell and instruction booklet.


    Shinobi 3 and Beavis and Butthead-----Cartridge only

    Crusader of Centy----cartridge only, battery backup works, I will include a plastic protective case with the game.


    All these games work and are in good condition.

    If interested, email me at


    I accept personal checks or money orders, I have to wait for checks to clear before I send the game(s) out.

  3. I'm interested in that copy of Golden Axe, as long as it's original and not the classics version. Is priority shipping ok? I'll need your addy as well.

  4. I'm interested in Streets of Rage 1 if everything is in vg condition.

  5. Swirly, Streets of Rage 1 is in very good condition, the box is in great shape, the cart is in good shape, no markings, the game label is there and in good condition and the instructions are in good condition, no missing pages or markings.

    It's also the original version not the Sega Classics version.

    If you're still interested, email me.

  6. Update:

    Crusader of Centy: SOLD

  7. MO went out yesterday. Please email me when you get it.

  8. ik

  9. .

    Alright Melf.

  10. I got the game yesterday. Thanks for the great transaction!


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