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Thread: Get 15% or 20% cashback from eBay/Microsoft [35% dead]

  1. Get 15% or 20% cashback from eBay/Microsoft [35% dead]

    Only applies to Buy It Now items paid for using PayPal. For example, go to (type it into your browser, don't click the link in this post) and search for a Wii. Check the paid results at the top and right for a link to eBay with the "live search cashback" icon. Click it, find a Buy It Now auction for a Wii (or whatever you want for that matter). Discount should be listed on checkout page.

    T&C on eBay's site:

    More info from M$:

    List of stores participating in cashback:
    • You must successfully complete an eligible purchase on using “Buy-It-Now” within sixty (60) minutes of clicking on an eBay paid search advertisement marked with the Live Search cashback logo (a “Online Session”);
    • Cashback Rewards will be applied only to the first eligible item you commit to buy during an Online Session.
    • Limit of 3 Online Sessions (transactions per account)
    • Limit of $250 cashback (individuals claim that combined orders (3) that exceed $250 in cashback fail to process correctly. So it appears that it is a limit of $250 total cashback in a total of 3 transactions.)
    • Requires a 60 day waiting period before it MUST be credited to your Paypal Account
    • Only works on Buy It Now Items
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  2. Wish there was something big I was looking to purchase right now.

    Pretty ridiculous deal. If anything was going to get me to buy a PS3, this would be it. (but i still probably won't)

  3. I just thought of something. Easy way to make $200 would be to just post auctions. Of course, you'll have to pay eBay/PayPal fees. So you're getting around $250 but $50 of it will go towards the bullshit fees. And you'll need about $700 in your PayPal account to send money.

  4. it's not 35% on any item. it's a different percentage depending on the seller it seems. all the ps3's i checked so far are only 10% off.

  5. read this thread

    click this link and search for "cheap ps2"

    Click on the ebay link that says 35% off. It will link you to an ebay search for PS2 stuff, but you can then just search for whatever you want and the 35% off banner will still be active for 60 minutes.
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  6. hmph. is this not what i should be looking at?
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  7. no, you need to click on one that says 35%.

    if you search for popular things, 10% comes up. Search for other shit and the 35% pops up.

  8. finally got it to work. had to refresh the live page like 50 times. a $400 ps3 with essentially a $170 rebate is tempting. can't seem to get the 360 to work yet.

  9. dude, read what i posted.

    search on live for "cheap ps2". the 35% should be there, click it, it takes you to ebay. Then modify your search to whatever you want.

  10. yeah i just realized that after i closed the page.


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