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Thread: Gamecube Demo Disks

  1. Nintendo GameCube Gamecube Demo Disks

    I just put this on eBay. Didn't know if any of you may be interested in this.

    I'll be putting more up soon. My job was cut back, so I'm having to sell some of the things I was aging to get more from on eBay.


  2. I have, like, 8 of those discs. I hope your discs sell for big money!

  3. I have to disagree with your misleading description.
    I have in fact purchased two of the kiosk discs from a Gamestop.
    Please correct this or I will have to report your auction.
    No I won't, good luck with the auction.

  4. I've got disc 33 sitting around. I don't know why.

    I tried to pop it in once and just got a black screen, but I know it worked fine coming out of the kiosk. Someone suggested that it might only output in progressive scan, but I haven't bothered to think about it since.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by DougDaBroadcasta View Post
    'preciate it.
    My hopes are selfish.


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