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Thread: FS: XBL 1-yr sub card plus XBLA Uno

  1. FS: XBL 1-yr sub card plus XBLA Uno

    $40 total. I'll take care of shipping, and include XBLA Robotron 2084 for free as well.

    (I bought the XBL Camera set a long time ago, thinking I'd have a 360 by the time these would expire (6/30), but obviously that's not the case and really I'm still pleased with staying in last gen at the moment. So the XBL sub, Uno, and Robotron should go to someone who can use them.)

    PM/reply if interested, thanks.

  2. If you can drop to $35, I'll bite (you don't need to ship the thing, just PM the code to someone)

    I can get one for $40 locally, so just checking.

  3. PM sent

  4. Rumpy delivers.

    This thread no longer does however.


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