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Thread: Logo Help! Contest ($325 prize)

  1. Logo Help! Contest ($325 prize)

    Which of the following would make the best logo?

    ENTRY 1 - FuryFox (1)

    ENTRY 2 - FuryFox (3)

    ENTRY 3 - MechDeus (1)

    ENTRY 4 - MechDeus (2)

    ENTRY 5 - Finch

    ENTRY 6 - YellerDog

    ENTRY 7 - cigsthecat (2)

    ENTRY 8 - cigsthecat (3)

    ENTRY 9 - Dunlap (1)

    ENTRY 10 - Dunlap (2)

    OK, so I need a logo. Or, I want a logo. I have one, but him's sad and I want one that's funny. -wtf?

    So I thought I'd hit up the talented kids at tnl for a cartoon billy goat with pistols dressed up like a gunfighter!

    1. If there's only one entry I'll hound you like a dog till the project's complete. Ask rezo.
    2. If there's more than one entry, I'll pick my favorite and everyone else is shit out of luck.
    3. I'll put up a poll, to see what everyone else thinks, don't vote until we start getting in some entries.
    4. Draw a stylized/cartoon goat that looks like a cowboy/sharpshooter.
    5. DO NOT draw an evil Swedish death metal satanic goat.
    6. DO NOT draw an overly goofy retarded Max Fleischer goat.
    7. OK the goat can be goofy, but the goat has to PLAY IT STRAIGHT AND THINK HE'S BAD ASS. Like Inspector Clouseau.
    8. The final product should be one or two colors in a vector based format (so it can be scaled) preferably .pdf.
    9. Submit drawing by 7/25/2008
    10. I'll make a decision before 7/31/2008.
    11. Final drawing gets at least $150*.

    Thanks for the help guys, Docís gonna have a new mascot!

    LOOK, DOWN IN THE ALLEY! Is it a drunk? Is it a midget? No! It's - goatslenger!

    - *The selected design will receive $150 plus $25 for each additional entry past the first entry, not to exceed $400. Two entries per member. The entry can be in any format, but the final design must be in a pdf format, vector (not raster/pixel) based, and emailed to no later than 08/08/2008 to receive payment. If not, a second entry will be selected and given two weeks to prepare a final product. If no entries are finalized and sent to before 9/1/2008, no payment will be issued.
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  2. Is there such a thing as a PDF vector file? How detailed does the image need to be - i.e., will it be displayed mostly as a medium-sized graphic on a Web page?

  3. I know you can create a vector drawing in say, Illustrator, then save it as a pdf. Then take that pdf to any tom dick and harry PC that has Acrobat and read said file.

    The logo needs to be suitable for print media and 1080 video (but not monster cable quality video). I really just need the cartoon, and I can crop it if need be, and add in the text "BLUE NECK PICTURES." I could also convert it to vector, but I don't really have time. If you do a logo and add the text yourself, that's cool. I'm really just fishing for ideas here.

    I considered changing the name to Goatslenger Studios, but I should be consistent and keep the original name. So a goat gunslingin' mascot doesn’t have shit to do with rednecks or the blues, but I think the randomness adds to the funny. You see a goat, you see BLUE NECK. What the fuck does that mean? Also I can still keep the old logo for tragedies.

    See the attachment. It was the logo rezo did for me. I like it. It's works great for dramas. But it doesn't say, "Hey look over here, this shit is going to be retarded!" It's also the scalable pdf I was talking about.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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  4. This sounds like a fun challenge. I'll put one up.

  5. Big-breasted goats are a man's best friend?

  6. Only one bite? Is $150 not enough? OK, I'll add $25 for every additional entry, up to $400. If I get a good logo out of this it'll be worth it.

    Ex: 10 entries = $375 = $150 + ( 9 x $25)

    EDIT: updated the original post.
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  7. I can't draw.
    Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    No one uses sigs.

  8. So. I can't dance.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  9. Waaaa...I'll put some up tonight. I already have them sketched up loosely on newsprint, clean up the best and scan them in. Not sure I want to go through the trouble of vectorizing them unless you see one you like, but I'll make it clear through the blocking what it would look like in vectors.

    edit: Also, when you say billy goat, that conjures a certain image to me, but it's not terribly specific. I'd say the major difference is between mountain goats and dairy goats (which look a lot like african pygmy goats); which way were you leaning?
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  10. OK yeah I'll make a decision based on the sketches only. That way only the winner will have to go through the trouble of vectoring them. Send as many drawings as you like but only two per peson will count for the prize money. See 1st post. I also went back to the orignal deadline.

    EDIT: These goats from wiki should work.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mountain_Goat_USFWS.jpg 
Views:	79 
Size:	558.6 KB 
ID:	37517   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Mountain_goat_-_artificial_salt_lick.jpg 
Views:	79 
Size:	543.6 KB 
ID:	37518   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Angoragoat2.jpg 
Views:	87 
Size:	113.1 KB 
ID:	37519   Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Irish_Goat.jpg 
Views:	85 
Size:	690.2 KB 
ID:	37520  

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