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Thread: FS: Lost Odyssey, PSone+LCD, Monty Python, others

  1. I'll take the Genesis.

  2. Cool. I'll get it from storage on Saturday and get a weight, so I can tell you the shipping cost.

  3. I'll pretend this is in exchange for that SNES I gave you back in college.

  4. I still have and use that. He's yellow as all hell but plays just fine.

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    I'll have to get some funds in order before I can make an offer, I don't even know what something like that goes for new.

  6. Just check Amazon for used pricing. eBay is full of bootlegs.

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    Is it the "Megaset"?

  8. Mine doesn't have the collector box case. These were all bought one season at a time, so they're the full-sized DVD cases. I think the megaset has those slim DVD cases?

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    I believe you're right, and that set was going for $49 used on Amazon, freakin $109 new on A&E. So now I just have no idea.

  10. I'm not going to scrounge for every last dollar on the set, since it is missing the box case. Just come up with what you think is reasonable.

    Also added some things.
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