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Thread: 3/4 Isometric View Action-Adventure Games

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    Quote Originally Posted by nem View Post
    Where's the love for Crusader? Awesome, awesome game.

    Does Syndicate count?
    Thanks for the reminder about the Crusader series. I have the first game but never played it much because it didn't run properly. I should give it another go with DOSBox since I'm a fan of nearly every game Warren Spector was in charge of making. Syndicate's pretty strategy oriented.

    Escape from the Planet of Robot Monsters is a cool game but I agree with Frog. There's not much adventure genre in it.

  2. Ah, I see what you mean. Too arcadey. How about this Skeleton Krew?

    Pics and review here. Or are we talking strickly action/RPGish, like Landstalker?

  3. Dark Savior except for the damn mine levels and the floating castle.

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    I'm torn between Little Big Adventure and Solstice.

  5. Landstalker wins.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post

  6. Equinox on the SNES wasn't bad either.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Zac View Post
    Dark Savior except for the damn mine levels and the floating castle.
    This is what I came here to say!

    But... those fucking mine cart stages. Probably the most violent a game has ever made me!

  8. Those mine cart states in Dark Savior were cake. The only thing I have against that game is the battle system. It should have been real-time like Landstalker.

  9. Yeah Landstalker to me.

    Light Crusader was good to though I've always felt thats one of the games that only I played as most people who I mention that to have no idea what I"m talking about.
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  10. That damn mine cart music still gets stuck in my head occasionally to this day!


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