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Thread: 3/4 Isometric View Action-Adventure Games

  1. Scurge: Hive is pretty good (not the best but deserve a mention). Very metroid like.

  2. Landstalker. What happened to that remake for PSP?

  3. LandStalker is by far my favorite. Other neat ones are Solstice, Solstice II (Equinox), The Immortal and HeroQuest. To a lesser extent, Gotzendiener, LadyStalker, Dark Savior and Light Crusader can be enjoyable at times.
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  4. Landstalker wins.
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Six View Post
    Landstalker. What happened to that remake for PSP?
    I still can't believe that they teased us with a remake and possibly part 2 and 3 and then the whole thing just feel of the face of the earth. They should at least announce that it was scrapped.

    Anyway, Landstaker wins this hands down. Greatest game of all time IMO.

  6. Landstalker would be the my favorite.

    Gotzendiener was different game, too short to deserve paying full retail but import friendly and had a few interesting things going for it. Doubt it counts but Willy Wombat for the Saturn is a guilty fav too.

    Anyone play that Back to Stone game for GBA? *-neo

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    Back To Stone was not good. It was ugly and the gameplay revolved almost entirely around crate-shoving.

  8. Sounds like $15 saved, videos made the gameplay seem too quick for the perspective too. *-neo

  9. The Twinsen games for me.

    Followed by Landstalker/Lady Stalker/Alundra.
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    Does Snake Rattle & Roll count?

    If so, I hate this genre. Utterly.
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