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Thread: Wanted: Genesis 1/ Master System RGB SCART cable

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    Wanted: Genesis 1/ Master System RGB SCART cable

    Dear, sweet Nomi was nice enough to send me a perfectly working Master System, and I thought that my Genesis 2 SCART cable with 32x adapter would work on it. Well, it doesn't, it has no audio.

    If anyone happens to have a Genesis model 1/Master System/Neo Geo RGB Scart cable they'd like to part with please let me know. There are a few sellers in the UK that I can get it from but with the sad state of the dollar it makes it about $30, plus waiting forever for shipping. I don't want to spend that much money on an old Master System.


    I did a really ghetto mod to the system so it now has a audio out. However I could still use the scart cable so I can demodify it.
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