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Thread: Advertising and Other Additions

  1. Advertising and Other Additions

    I will be experimenting with the boards in the next month or two, adding some new skins, introducing a rewards program, and generally mucking around. The goal is to improve the user experience, draw in new users (we have no problem keeping the old ones, thankfully), and make TNL better. I will also be experimenting with targeted advertising. The goal there is to stop losing money on the site.

    Those of you that have been here a while know that my priority has always been to make TNL feel like home to people that love discussing games and other popular culture in an environment free from irritating pop-up ads and the shrill annoyance of typical Internet loudmouths. Though we have our critics, I feel that we are an amazing place for funny and informative discussion between people that you wouldn't mind hanging out with in person.

    I have put a lot of time and money into the site, but I only run a few ads on the editorial pages and have a very tasteful link to the TNL Store integrated into the main index page. Amazon helps with the bills, but given the move earlier this year to a server twice as expensive as our previous one and given all the money I am spending on redesigns and other improvements, I feel that running advertising across the site, including on forum pages, is well overdue.

    This is not a small site, but I have been resistant to monetizing the forum or even the editorial pages because I have such a strong distaste for most advertising. I trust you will not have any strong objections to any imminent changes because, as always, my goal is to remain true to the community and do what makes the most sense.

    As for the perennial questions about donation links and T-shirts, I give my perennial answer: on the way.
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  2. If you make pop-ups happen I'll hate you forever. Otherwise, while I would obviously prefer no advertising, I understand and am fine with it. Make it so.

  3. Does Sony cut you a check for B-ri?
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  4. I would take it to a vote - if people are willing to "donate" enough money to TNL to avoid advertising annoyances then it should be up to TNL's user base. Technically, you wouldn't be asking for anything but you would be asking for a preference.

  5. B-Ri was Sony's contribution to TNL. I was hoping for a plasma TV, but Sony says no trade-ins.

    I'll probably run a combination of ads, not just Google ads. I have turned down or ignored a lot of advertising over the years, and I'm not about to dump anything obnoxious on the site now. It may not have come across in my original post, but I want to spend more money on TNL, I just need to make some first. Getting contests and redesigns and rewards programs up and running takes money, and - like I said - we are not a small, fly-by-night site.

    Just keep in mind that I will be experimenting with different approaches at the beginning, but it's not like a different person owns TNL all of a sudden. I don't foresee any serious complaints. I just made this thread because we are all partners in the community, and you should get a heads-up.

    Haoh, there might be a subscription option that would totally eliminate ads from the forum, but I want to stress again that I'm not looking to make this into every other site with a zillion flashing gizmos. I'm out to improve the site.

  6. Improve the site = Selling out to the man

  7. Oooo I'd pay $50 a month for Admin status!
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

  8. The TNL VILLIANS website generates 100k in profits annually

  9. cJayc said the same thing about gamefaqs.

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