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Thread: Suggest Me NES Games: Nintendo Entertainment System

  1. Gunsmoke!

  2. M.U.L.E

  3. I never finished it, but I would still recommend Iron Tank.

    And Baseball Stars

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    Lemme second Duck Tales and Batman. Awesome games!

    G.I. Joe 1 (awesome music, great bosses)
    Star Tropics
    Ghostbusters (you really need to know my pain on this one)
    Donkey Kong 3
    Contra (better presentation than arcade, IMO, damn sure better music)
    Super C
    Base Wars (grab a friend!)
    Maniac Mansion
    Kung Fu (best version IMO)
    Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister Six (because you've got to temper the good with the bad )
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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    If you've never beat Mike Tyson In Punch-Out! today is a good day to try it.
    QFT. None of that Mr Dream bullshit, either.

    Also, Wizards and Warriors, The Immortal(if you can't play it on the Genesis) , Little Nemo , Chip n Dale's Rescue Rangers. There are waaaaay too many to list. Why not just download a complete rom set and try stuff out for yourself, and if you like anything and you're feelin noble, buy it off ebay or something.
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  6. All of the Kunio games.

    also: Armadillo?

  7. It was actually released?

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    Ninja Gaiden 1-3
    Bionic Commando
    Kabuki Quantum Fighter (similar to Ninja Gaiden)
    Little Samson (kind of like Megaman meets Wonder Boy III)
    Moon Crystal
    Donkey Kong Jr. (controls easier than arcade version)
    Kaettekita Mario Bros. (it's an FDS version of the original MB but with more responsive controls)
    Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain (It's the Japanese version of Shatterhand; I like the designs more)
    Yume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic (if you like our SMB2)
    Gimmick (get the Japanese version for the audio)
    Castlevania III (again get import)
    Contra series
    Shadow of the Ninja
    Blaster Master
    Yume Penguin Monogatari (platform/shooter mix. Great game but way on the easy side)
    Metal Storm
    Kirby's Adventure


    Zelda 1 and Metroid might be frustrating if you're used to later games in the series but they still hold up once you adjust.
    The Battle of Olympus (similar to Zelda II but has aged better)
    The Guardian Legend (it will take some patience, though)
    Nazo no Murasame jou
    I haven't played StarTropics recently but it was cool back then.


    Crisis Force (vertical Konami shooter)
    Gyruss (It's a remake so it's a bit different than the arcade game)
    Cosmic Epsilon (not a great game but this Space Harrier clone an awesome technology showpiece for the hardware)

    Beat 'em ups

    Battletoads (still the best one in the series)
    River City Ransom
    Technos Samurai (that's the transhacked name)
    Double Dragon 1-3 (they're different enough from the arcade games)

    Puzzle games

    Lolo series
    Kickle Cubicle (this is an arcade port but I figured I would mention it anyway since you might not have played it)


    Ganbare Dunk Heroes
    Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!
    Ice Hockey

    There's a ton more I like but that's enough for now. I won't bother recommending gun games since you're probably emulating. I would avoid most RPGs.

  9. Looking like an awesome post, NZE. I did briefly look at Moon Crystal and Little Samson, and the animation in both was really impressive. Hope the checkpoints in Samson won't get to me should I play it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Changeling
    There are waaaaay too many to list. Why not just download a complete rom set and try stuff out for yourself, and if you like anything and you're feelin noble, buy it off ebay or something.
    Waaaay too many to just hop around with. I want to find a few games that are worth sticking to.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Low View Post
    It was actually released?
    Not out here as far as I know.


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