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Thread: Suggest Me NES Games: Nintendo Entertainment System

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    All my stuff has been listed except Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball. Awesome little baseball game!

    Also, play Where's Waldo just for laughs. Worst/best game ever.
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  2. Cobra Triangle.

  3. Cobra Triangle
    Street Fighter 2010

    I know I'm forgetting something.
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    I loved Cobra Triangle but it was friggin' hard. I promised myself I would go back and beat it some time. I hoped it has aged well.

  5. Its still hard. That level where you go upstream with the fucking ice popping out of the water to fuck you up is SO WRONG.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by D_N_G View Post
    YES. One of the best NES games out there, very sad it didn't make US shores.

    More titles: Conquest of the Crystal Palace, Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde (read up on how to play it otherwise you will hate it like I did), Magic of Scheherazade, Little Ninja Bros, Sqoon, Jaws, A Boy & His Blob, Faxanadu, Panic Restaurant.
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  7. Jaws. Trust me.

    Also: Everything that has a next-gen port is still awesome. I'd also go out on a limb and suggest picking up all of the old-school arcade ports like Donkey Kong Classics, Kung-Fu and Popeye. I've been playing those on a regular basis since they came out.
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  8. Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom.

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    Most of the good stuff has been mentioned. I eat shit like Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Shatterhand and Shadow of the Ninja up. Nobody mentioned Zanac and I still really like that game. I wish my collection was here because I'm blanking on half the NES games I loved.

    Quote Originally Posted by TODE View Post
    Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom.
    This. I remember how long it took me to finally find the cart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TODE View Post
    Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom.

    Yeah, that game was fun and neat. It was feat.
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