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Thread: Direct from F-Chanistan!

  1. Boo, I think I have one game on your want list.

    Anything in my sales thread (see sig) that interests you?

  2. Unfortunately no. Sorry man.

  3. But I gots de Radiant Silverguns!

    A few more imports for trade:

    - Cotton 100% Marhcen Adventure (Superlite 1500), PS1
    - Gatchaman the Shooting, PS1
    - Policenauts, PS1
    - Deep Fear, Saturn
    - Gokujyo Parodius-Da! Deluxe Pack, Saturn
    - Steamgear Mash, Saturn

  4. Email sent. Also, have you played Robbit Mon Dieu? I sadly don't have a copy to trade/sell (got it on PSN), but... it's a severe letdown after the first two JF games and all these years. Also, Steamgear Mash is way cute if you dig early 32 bit games heavy on charm and light on... everything else.

  5. I have not played Robbit Mon Dieu but I'm willing to give it a try. I like stuff like Steamgear Mash alot but sadly I do not like Steamgear Mash. Tryrush Deppy is another from the era that people like but I don't much care for it.

    Somebody at this forum is selling Salaryman Champ for PS1. Somebody needs to jump on that shit because it's a blast.

    Melf, I still don't see anything I'm after. If it doesn't go for full price before I go to the classic gaming convention on the 3rd I may offer you a nice bargain. I'd rather you have something like that than some slackjawed Mountain Dew junkie latchkey adult that I never met before and will PLEASE GOD never see again.

  6. That's cool. Thanks Pa!

  7. Looking again, I will definitely buy that Lunar 2 from you.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by PaCrappa View Post

    I expected joke PMs of course but somebody has actually tried to PM me about this. What does it even take?
    Yeah, sorry about that, used to few minute burst of web access. Proper email sent, and if you can't find a J-Mars Matrix I have a sealed US copy.

  9. Hmmm.. I haven't gotten an email from you yet. BTW, what's your old name?

  10. neoalphazero

    I'll try another email soon, basically interested in the Thunder Force 3 guide and Psyiko Gamest (art?) book.


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